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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anna Sui x Suify your self event with Joy Magazine Indonesia

Hello ladies, on last friday I attended a beauty event by Anna Sui with theme "Suify Your self". It's a Beauty Seminar and talk show, there was a games and Make up demo too. But, TOO BAD because of rain and stupid traffic I came late few minutes before the event is over. wtf? I was thinking, that this event is kinda fast, it's only about 1 hour @__@ from 5pm-6pm. 

I always wondering, when there's an event on Tangerang and not in Jakarta? lol it's not fair :p , even though there's not many bloggers in Tangerang, loll XD

Because of my lateness, I didn't know what to do HAHA, so I told my sister to help capturing pictures while I was trying Anna Sui products. I only have tried their mascara once I was in Uni, I was tempted by the packaging. It's so damn PRETTY !!! Enjoy the pictures~

Anna Sui necklace rouge, HOW CAN THEY MAKE something SO PRETTY like this???!!!! *goMad

Anna Sui eye color collection, the pakaging is so unique!

Anna Sui eye color

Anna Sui Limited eye color accent, I was interested in this product so I was swatching 2 palette that time. The packaging and the colors are so so so Kawaaaiiiiiii *DIE

Price about 275.000 idr If I'm not wrong.


Another display pictures ^O^

Rose everywhereeeeeeee *W* *Q*

And I must took at least one photo there, HAHA XD I look tired *-* and yes I was.

This is the Goody Bag from Joy Magazine, oh my so many magazine to reeeeaaaad XD XD I don't have many free times but I already take a look at one of the new edition. The magazine is quite interesting!

Thanks for reading ladies, Do you like Anna Sui products? hehe, I'm going to post another post today =Q=, please bear with it. It's interesting because I won a MAC product XD XD , hahahhah.

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