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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

False lashes arrangement - EOTD - FOTD

Hello ladies v(^-^)v~ , I'm going to share my EOTD with a different false lashes that I've combined~ ♪(´∀`). I hope you're not bored with this kind of post ♥

I always like to have a winged effect false lashes, it make my eyes look more catty and long. That's why I always love to add it on the corner of the false lashes to make it more full on the edge.

The second one, I've added 3 pointy false lashes on the middle. I'm just curious how it will looks and I love it, because the middle one looks spiky and pointy and the edge still look winged.

You may not really see the difference with the 1st one, but it looks different IRL. ^^

The third one is the lower lashes, the real design is the left one and I re-arrange it to the right one. After that I cut it and use 3 of them on the corner of my lower eyes. Just like on the pictures above.

Suddenly, I miss my dark hair so I use my wig that day XD XD XD, Thanks for reading ladies, Have a nice day! ^o^)/

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