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Friday, November 04, 2011

Princess Eyelashes series 715T Transparent

Hello ladies~~(≧∇≦)/!! I'm going to make this false lashes review. Some people already requested it to me and I haven't made it until now~ I've ordered this falsies from my local seller, it's hard to find my local seller who open spree to ordered Princess eyelashes. Princess eyelashes is made in taiwan and really popular there. It has a good quality compared to the affordable price. 

So, let's see the design of this false lashes.

This false lashes has a clear band and easy to bend. Looks natural with a soft spiky effect on the edge of my eyes. Makes eyes look longer (^▽^). I've use this false lashes for 3 times and it still look fine though the feather is a little bit messy now. Lol. Let's see the effect on my eyes, it looks so natural, I love it~! ///∇//)

took with flash

in real it looks more obvious than in camera. I took these pictures with nikon digital camera.

Do you love this false lashes? ^-^ I'm looking for my local seller who open spree for princess eyelashes again. Because the old seller seems not active again. If you know any, please let me know~~~ (*´▽`*v . Thanks for reading and stay healthy~! ;*chuuu

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