Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last night FOTD

Hellooo ladies!(≧∇≦)/ How was your saturday night? mine was great! >‿<
I was going to my father hometown reunion and met some friends there.
My dad was born in Bagan Siapi-api with my mom, both their parent are from China n Singapore, but moving to Indonesia and live in Bagan siapi-api.
My dad and mom spent their childhood at Bagan, so they have so many friends from there.
And most of them were move to Tangerang, a city where I live at the moment.
So, this event is for peoples who from Bagan that currenlty live in Tangerang.
They are so many, this event is has been running for 3 years, so yeah my dad is really proud of it.LOL

Okay, that's a little story about this event, and this was how I look yesterday.
I only had no more than 40 minute to make up and I even not shade my cheek!  (ノTДT)
I look so chubby :( hate it!  (ノTДT)

 Lol! Sorry for my silly hair, I roll it before I did my make up so the result wasn't curl, not even close!
But I still like the result though ◕ ‿◕ , and yeah I always cam-whoring after make up.
So, please bear for me! ~ ~ ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘ (and I was wearing a DRESS not naked).

this smile is really weird actually  ( ̄~ ̄;)

trying hard to look cute

You know, When I was taking this last pictures at my room, suddenly my boyfriend came in, and he was like ┐('~`;)┌  ck ck -_-"" then came out from my room.
Okay, he has waited for me for almost 30 minute and we were late actually, and that's not because of me, it because at the last minute I was putting a Fake lashes on my sister eyes. ≧△≦
But I still cam-whoring though ⊙▽⊙  #FAIL.

So, we were going to Nelayan Hotel and heading to the ballroom.
There was so many people! wow, I didn't expect this. ⊙▽⊙  and of course I was already hungry.
While waiting for the food, I was taking picture again, (T▽T) .

Happy cam-whoring!

my outfit yesterday, I look short O_O

with my bf! love you! (///∇//)  thanks for bear taking pictures of me  (ノTДT)

And he was capture me while I was eating, wow I look so chubby here  (ノTДT)
yumm, yumm I always eat so much  ⊙▽⊙ #Fat detected

We were watching the performers until my bf and sister were feeling bored,
an then we went home first. My parent went home with my brother. hehe >‿<

If you're wondering what I use that day, here's the products ::

ღ Canmake fake lashes 09 (I love this lashes! really!)
ღ LJ e/s (for browbone and highlight) click for swatches
ღ Sari Ayu e/s Petikan Sitar
ღ MNY unstoppable mascara (for upper lashes) 
ღ MNY cat eyes mascara (for lower lashes),
ღ Majolica Majorca cream liner 
ღ Eyelash curler 
ღ Etude house eyeglow 
ღ Canmake Cheek & Cheek 02
ღ Missha PC #21 bb cream click for review
ღ MUFE HD Primer click for review
ღ ZA Skin white
ღ Koji eye fix
ღ Revlon colorburst baby pink click for review
ღ Canmake Glossy holic
ღ Etude proof 10 eyeliner
ღ Koji eyetalk (for deeper eyelid).
ღ taiwan lower lashes (forgot to include it -.-) click to see

I'm received a invitation to Sunsilk Hair Studio, I'm going there today!
Hope there's no many people there so I don't need to queque!
Bye ladies! Have an awesome sunday and thanks for reading!
Love ya!  (///∇//) 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips Review

Hello Ladies! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 
I'm currently using this Eye&Make Up Remover, Have you ever tried this brand?
I bought this remover while I was in Singapore, It's made in Japan so I couldn't help to try!
And the bottle is pink and really pretty, I kinda love the packaging and it's not expensive too >‿<

Look so pretty, Pink! Pink~ ◕ ‿◕

Easy to open the cap, and the hole is small so you can control the liquid that comes out.

Erase mad gel liner with one swap with Biore Eye&Make Up Remover.
I'm not sure where you can get this in Indonesia. 
You can get other type of Biore Cleansing, like the wipes type and liquid make up remover.
This make up remover doesn't make my eyes hurt and itch, love it! 
My eyes is pretty sensitive to remover and this remover is quite mild.

♔ Love ♔
✩ Not Expensive
✩ Mild
✩ Doesn't hurt my sensitive eyes
✩ Pink bottle <--lol
✩ Can remove waterproof make up easily

♔ Hate ♔
✩ Hard to get in my country :(

Sadly! Why my Local Watson doesn't has many different product like in SG, sooo poor!
Dolly wink, Liese, Kiss Me, Canmake aaandd others Japanese brand!
I'm  so depressed, feeling like contact the owner of my local Watson and suggest them
to import those brand! #LikeTheyWantToAnswerMyPhone (ノTДT) (ノTДT) (ノTДT)

Thanks for reading btw, I'm going to prepare my make up for tonight invitation
for my father reunioun! Have a nice weekend lovely ladies~~~
Love ya all!!!  (///∇//) 

(I really want to hold a giveaway but now actually I don't have any budget left (ノTДT),
I'll collecting the items and think to host it once my follower is 500. 
So Follow me now :D)

Friday, July 29, 2011

LJ 12 Eyeshadow shade n swatches

Have you ever heard this brand? No?
Me too! :D

I found this palette accidentally at John Little.
At first I was hesitate to buy it, but I saw the box is made in JAPAN.
Yeah, i'm sucks when saw made in Japan make up brand.
And the price? Is cheap! I forgot the price but it's really worth to try.

                                                 The inside

                  Swatches (sorry Im lazy to use a base)

                            first row swatches

                            2nd row swatches

                               3rd swatches

♔ LOVE ♔

✩ quite pigmented (dark color)
✩ natural and wearable color
✩ nice for gyaru eye make up
✩ not powdery
✩ mostly shimmer and satin finish
✩ cheap!

♔ HATE ♔

✩ can't get it here! -.-"
✩ light color need to use base so it more pop

I was too lazy to wear a base >.< especially for everyday look, so I really like this
palette. This palette is great for everyday look and soft gyaru look because mostly the
colors are brown, so  wearable and natural, you might like this is if you like
nude make up or natural look for everyday. >‿<
And for people who doesn't people to find them wearing an eyeshadow.

Now, I almost use this palette for everyday/natural look, since all the colors are
really wearable, This palette only has 2 type color, the other one is more colorful.
My sister has is, we bought different colors so we can use it together. LOL

Rating : 7.5/10

Purchase again? No. I'll try other palette ^-^

You can get this palette at John Little Singapore.

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Hey!!! I've buy my own domain :D
Actually I really want to buy one since a long time, but I don't understand how
to do it and where to buy! And finally I have, hehe
Yaayyy, I'm so happy, but it seems my comment setting from disqus is disturb
and I don't know why some comments are not showing up! ToT )
I'm reaally not good to something like this, I wass reeally confuse and
had hard time to sleep.

Thanks for your support ladies! Yayy

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello ladies! I've use this primer for a while, but havent made any review of it. So here I am! XD

Formula :
Argatensyl, Seanergilium, D-Panthenol & glycerin, Phycosaccharide, Spherical silica, 

microparticles, Oil-free, Dermatologist tested

Falsies Fake Lashes Collection ^---^ )v (lotsa pictures)

Hello lovely ladies!!!!!!(≧∇≦)/
My friends asking me about fake lashes and want to see my collection
so they can find falsies which near with mine. >‿<
I just trying to help them in this post and will be so happy if someone
find this post helpful too! Happy Gyaru!

♔ Daiso Feather False Lashes ♔

Actually, I doon't remember this Falsies name, please forgive me.
So, my friends were asking what Falsies that I use on my make up at Clas:h event last sunday. Many of them think that the wings effect on my eyes
there is because I made a wing eyeliner, but it's not. It's because of this Fake Lashes. 

I got this 2 pair in 1 package. The band is quite stiff but when use it looks pretty natural, 
Because the inner side is cross type Falsies, and Focus on the outer side to make it
look like wing effect / cat effect. ◕ ‿◕

I don't know where you can find a Falsies like this in Indonesia, but
you can mix 2 Falsies at one time to make this effect.

♔ Daiso Fake Lashes 02 ♔

I'm trully sorry coz I already threw out all the packages so I can't give you
the name coz I really don't remember it at all   (ノTДT)

I haven't use this Falsies yet, I got this 1 pair in 1 package.
I bought this type coz, I find this Falsies will makes my eyes look Dolly if I use this.

The band is kinda stiff too, but easy to use, I think I can RE-use this Falsies many times.

I have saw a Diamond Lashes design which look like this.

♔ Daiso Fake Lashes 03 ♔

I haven't try this Falsies too. It's short and probably nice for make a natural Dolly look
or natural Gyaru look if you hate using too over Falsies. The band is clear but really Stiff.͡๏_͡๏

♔ Daiso Fake Lashes 04 ♔

The most natural Lashes I've ever had! The band is clear and it's really soft!
U can't look fake using this Falsies. People who love a no make up look will love this Falsies. >‿<

Actually I grab this Falsies coz I was thinking to use this for lower

♔ Daiso Fake Lashes 05 ♔

I haven't use this, the feather is kinda soft though.
And cross design will look natural on any eye make up so I have few back up with this design.
I think I'll use this Falsies tomorrow, hehe

♔ Random Fake Lashes ♔

I bought this while walking at City Hall in Singapore, found it accidentally.
It was really cheap! Only 3 bucks and I got three pair, LOL.

I have use this lashes on my look here CLICK

I cut this lashes to 3 part on that look so it looks more natural, this Falsies
is really stiff and not so easy to use, yeah you can't expect much! It's 3 bucks for 5 Pairs!

♔ Canmake Fake Lashes No.09 ♔

09 Straight and cross type for gorgeous doll-like volume - 
These get longer towards the outer corner of your eye! For eyelashes that you can flutter like a doll’s!

AGAIN! I couldn't use this lens coz it's soo cute, I mean cute packaging makes me
hesitate to use it, oh so stupid I know. Haha
Probably, I will use this Falsies this saturday to my father hometown reunion! Can't Wait!

What a Dolly Look Design! ⊙▽⊙

♔ Decorative Eyelashes ♔

I bought this Falsies feewww month ago but still haven't use it until now.LOL

Natural Long Look!

♔ Dolly Wink Fake Lashes 01 ♔

Again, I already threw out all the packaging #almostcrythattime (overacting!) LOL
Really popular Fake Lashes and EXPENSIVE. Really, the price is really ridiculous FOR ME.
But, who can hold them self to Dolly Wink?   (ノTДT)
Actually this item isn't even in my shopping list  when I was in SG, buuttt
see the packaging at Watson reaallly reaaallly make me couldn't control my self (T▽T)

Broke but Happy. LOL. I haven't use this Falsies, you don't need to ask why,
because the reason is silly ┐('~`;)┌

♔ Dolly Wink Limited Edition ♔

Back to time when I was in Watson  Σ(゜д゜;), when I saw this package I didn't even see the price,
Madly, I just grab it and put it on my shopping basket. Thankfully, When I wanted to pay,
At that time I saw the price, and I think this package is more cheaper than the usual package,
Coz You got a limited purple case too!  ( ̄ー ̄)

I haven't use this Falsies too, lol maybe... Someday!

 ♔ Etude House Fake Lashes Secret Long ♔

Haven't try this yet. anyone has tried this? I bought this because, I need to buy one more
item at Etude House SG so I can have a member card, and wtf is that for? I don't even live in SG.
Silly me =__=

Another cross long Falsies -.-

♔ Decorative Eyelash (lower lashes) ♔

Well, I love this lashes coz you got 5 pairs in it. loll and the band is clear but lil stiff, 
You can Re-use this too, but please clear this Falsies after use and storage it nicely.

I use this on my lower lashes here


♔ Taiwan False Lashes (lower lashes) ♔

Haven't use this, just come this monday. Really natural look and has clear band.

Actually I have one pack individual lashes for upper lashes but I forgot to capture it!
Sorry, hope this post is useful for everyone, no need to buy a same brand like mine,
you can find many Falsies brand with same design almost everywhere! >‿<

Thanks for reading!

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