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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello ladies! I've use this primer for a while, but havent made any review of it. So here I am! XD

Formula :
Argatensyl, Seanergilium, D-Panthenol & glycerin, Phycosaccharide, Spherical silica, 

microparticles, Oil-free, Dermatologist tested

Is it to late to give a review on this? lol
I already use it for few month, I got the one for brightening effect
with lavender color. Actually I want get a green one, but the SA told me to
get this one, since my skin is fair and the brightening effect will look good on me.
So I give it a try!!

I love bottle with pump! It's more hygiene IMHO.

The swatch on my skin

Spread it, the texture is like a lotion. not heavy for me, i like it

All I can say about this primer is great, it doesn't look over for me even the name
is HD, the result is quite natural and look really good in photos!
It's not feel greasy AT ALL, easy to use, I love the texture and brightening effect
on my skin.
But if you have a big pores and you put this primer too much on your skin,
beware your pore will become more visible without warning you first!

♔ LOVE ♔

✩ give my make up a smooooooth finish
✩ hold my make up for hours
✩ brightening effect
✩ easy to blend, light and not feel greasy
✩ soft scent

♔ HATE ♔

✩ makes my skin breakout if i use it too long.
✩ pricey for me -.-"

Rating : 9/10
If this not make me breakout sometimes, i wanna give it 10!

Purchase again? NO, I already have 2 base in stock.
And since this product give me breakout, i'm going to find another primer if I run out.
Probably Korean/Japanese brand since they product doesn't make me
breakout badly and more natural. ^-^

But this primer is worth to try! I really want to try all their HD Range ≧△≦.

Do you have a suggestion for me? Do tell me! ◕ ‿◕)v

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