Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today HAUL + some beauty promo pic

Hello ladies! 
Actually, today I went to mall to exchange my money to SDG,
coz this friday I'll go to Singapore.
Buuttt, some tempting beauty promo is caught my eyes againn.
And I can't help my self againn, coz they have a quite nice deal
and I'm looking for a nude lippies and a compact powder
/two way cake powder+foundation.

And there's ZA! I love their lip plumperr, but they don't have
a discount on the lip plumper, butttt I really want this lip plumper for
a long time, so I just buy it. Yeah, how improvident i am. -__-
But I really happy now!!!

so this is my haul today,
@__@ totally a mess!

ZA skin beauty two-way foundation
ZA plumpler lips - 02 Rosy Flush
Eyelid tape
Revlon colorburst lipstick - 070 Soft nude
Revlon colorburst lipstick - 020 baby pink
Revlon naturally glamorous blush on - red apple 05
Maybelline watershine pure - B24
Maybelline color sensational - Passion Red
Maybelline watershine liquid - Puppy love

 ZA skin beauty two-way foundation
ZA plumpler lips - 02 Rosy Flush

Revlon colorburst lipstick - 070 Soft nude
Revlon colorburst lipstick - 020 baby pink
Revlon naturally glamorous blush on - red apple 05

Maybelline watershine pure - B24
Maybelline color sensational - Passion Red
Maybelline watershine liquid - Puppy love

ACTUALLY I don't want to buy this perfume, but my sister force me to buy it
since it's on promo buy 1 get 1! I rarely use perfume though. :(

But they smell so nice!! ^^

Lipstick haul!
Im soooo happy~~~~~
All the shades are soo pretty~
Will swatches this next time.

So many things to swatchessss @__@

Thanks for reading my mess!

*Love ya!

Eyeliner Review + Mineral Blush Swatch

Hello! ^O^ /
Im going to give QUICK eyeliner review and my mineral blush swacthes.

The brand is ::
MAD Gel liner - black out
VOV good bye eye pender eyeliner
Etude house proof 10
Pixy eyeliner

Pixy eyeliner seems to be the most darker shade and look so unnatural IMO.

 Okay! VOV is completely fall!

 Rub with fingers

 With eye make up remover - twice

With eye make up remover (hard) 

Remove all of it. Etude & Pixy seems to leave some left residue.

Conclusion ::

The most good staying power :: MAD
The most blackest shade :: Pixy
The most not tender :: MAD

VOV is look like a thin plastic after dry.
Pixy's color is like a black ink than a black eyeliner, I don't like the texture.
Etude color isn't really black IRL, its nice for natural look.
MAD is nice for long wear but I don't like a gel texture >_<\.

You can look at the piktures again.


Okay, so my friends request me to swatches my mineral blush collection.
Cause she wanna try a mineral blush, and okay I'll give a quick swatch and review.

 with FLASH


 Rub with finger to test the staying power.

Wipes with make up remover twice.
seems okay!

Completely clean it. You still can see some pink and peach color IRL.

All colors is so vibrant and pretty.
And has good staying power!
EXCEPT EGM BALI  (you can see it on the pictures)
The texture is soo powdery and can't blend well, has 0 staying power!
Definitely not recommended.

That's it!
Sorry for a short review of it.
Im preparing my luggage for a trip this Friday!
I'll be on hiatus and back next week with many post coming~

Thanks for reading! Love ya!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Haul+FOTD+EOTD+Pedicure sparkle swatch

Small haul from online shopping
just arrived yesterday noon.

LA Girls HD Palette Parfait, NYX Soft matte lip color - Tokyo,
Skinfood grapefruit nail remover.

with flash

The color is sooo pretty!!!
without flash

This will look perfect on Gyaru look I think ^O^ *so happy!
with flash

without flash

will do the swatch as soon as I can.


And my FOTD + EOTD last night ^-^
I was in rush so bear for my esedow application,
try to make green smokey look.

try to pose HOT but FAIL!!

face ::
Missha PC bb cream, EDM base buff neutral, Etude house dream on pact,
EGM starlight glow, Revlon chocolate bar.

blush ::
Opera, EGM bali

lips ::
MNY watershine forgot the shade -.-

eyes ::
Opera moistful eye color, EGM mineral e/s bullet train, Mustika ratu smara bumi,
Vov shimmer gray, Etude proof 10 eyeliner, Opera volume control mascara,
MNY unstoppable mascara.

What do you think? ^^
The e/s is more vibrant IRL.



Aaaand Skinfood pedicure sparkle - sparkle red swatches on my toe.

Sorry if it look grosss >___<

Thanks for reading lovelies!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Look : Pastel - FOTD

Hello!! I tried all my Opera Haul yesterday. I think all of the products are quite nice.
Though this brand isn't popular, but the colors are so soft and cute. Nice for creating a pastel look. So, I came up with this look, lol.

This is how I look yesterday before went to lunch ^-^
Sorry for my harsh shading! > _ <

Zoom to lip gloss, the color is soo pastel and cute.
Love thisss ^O^

And eyes
just a simple one ^-^

MUFE HD primer, Missha PC BB cream #21, EDM base buff fair neutral,
EGM HD finishing powder, EGM starlight glow

Opera moist eye colour, Pixy Alluring Garden, Revlon Chocolate Bar, Etude Proof10 E/L,
Opera volume control mascara,  Maybelline unstoppable mascara.

Opera face color, EGM Mineral blush 'Bali'

Lips ::
Etude color me nude, Opera moist lipgloss

What do you think of this look?
Personally, I really like it! ^-^

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Review+Peacock e/s Play

HELLO! It's time for Skin care review!

Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Emulsion n Toner
(For Trouble Skin)

"Relieves skin troubles and controls sebum with long lasting moisture"

Gentle and refreshing, it boots skin suppleness with
anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.

Made with nano technology, it relieves skin troubles and control
sebum with Parsley Mandarin extracts. Also contain soothing
dandelion and lily extracts to give long lasting moisture with anti-allergic
and anti bacterial results. Suits day and night use.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Haul, Review + my 1st Video! D:

Hello lovelies! O(≧∇≦)O~~~ Okay! So yesterday I was eating at Pizza Marzano, Supermall, then I saw a cosmetics brand event. And they're on promotion!
You know, its so HARD to not look at it. *fail for saving money

Then I saw Opera 'a japan brand', I really mad if I saw any brand made in Japan, it just like, wow I wanna get it some of those... bla bla bla
Opera is has a new mascara, and it's called Volume Control Mascara. ( ̄□ ̄;)
You can choose your desire number, the bigger the number, the result is more volume and more longer your eyelashes look. but still look so natural. BUT, one thing, this mascara is designed for Natural Look which you can use everyday.
It only has one color, black blue. And when I tried it at the counter, it really really
looks like I was not wearing any mascara, despite that I had apply it again and again and it still turn so natural.(* ̄m ̄)
So, don't use this mascara to party! bleh

Except the mascara, the SA offered me Opera Moist Lipgloss, Opera moist lippies, Opera moist water eye color and so damn cute Face Color.
At the end, I purchased the lipgloss, eye color and their blush.
The promotion is buy 2 product -20%, and I got the face color for 30.000 idr only. So damn cheap for the cute dolly pink color.o(●´∀`)o

Ya know, the moist water eye color is use for eyelid primer and they have 4 color, baby blue, baby pink, white and purple. I took the pink one coz when I tried it looks soo cute on my eyes. And it's perfect for base!( ゚з゚) (゚ε゚ )

The haul  and one of them isn't Opera. LOL

Dolly pink! So cuteee, I can't wait wear it for FOTD ~( ̄、 ̄;)~

The eylid primer

My local brand. Sapa hayo yang suka juga sama sari ayuuu?? (・∀・@) Haven't open it. got many babies to play~~

And this is the mascara!

in black blue. only one color.

But, today I want to give a review of their mascara! Yeah, is really good IMHO. I want to share it with my lovelies friends too, this mascara is GOOD for Uljjang look.
Why? Because Uljjang look is always so natural.(`ー´)
And many my lovelies love Uljjang too. So I made a VIDEO, Yes! a really amateur VIDEO.(`▽´*) Coz, I think is more easy to record it than capture it. *GAHH

This is my 1st time making such a Video, and NO (・_・ 三・_・) I'm not trying to be a 'something' coz i'm not.(>□<).  I just want to share about this real natural mascara to my reader. And that's why I didn't put any base or make up, and I was REGRET it!(°Д°;≡°Д°;) Because my fugly pimples scars, yeah that giant pimples
on my 1st tutorial post is becoming a red mole? -.-;; So bear with it okay?三(/ ^^)/ 

Here is the video, I don't talk much, coz I can't speak English really well, I can laughing you know. Like a goat 0,0 So I talk a little and just write a note on my video.

Disclaimer : my really short and flat lashes can't be

I don't even know what to write on the title *baka

Hope you can see the different! 
Here's few pikkus

forgive my thin and short eyelashes 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚  
such a FAIL

This mascara is fiber type and easily move with warm water, and doesn't messy if you remove it.  ((っ・ω・)っ I like this mascara! (forNotWearingMascaraLook only), and for my blog reader in Indonesia, you can try this mascara first at the counter to see what it like. You can find Opera at matahari, metro or sogo probably.

Thanks for reading lovelies!
Hope it helps~

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