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Sunday, March 27, 2011

**PRODUCT REVIEW** check it out ^^ (Part Two)

Now, Im going to give review about
Crystal Colagen eyelid patch from Deckout Women,
which i looovee so much!
It use to reduce your dark circle and soften
your eyes area.

Ingredient : aqua, glycerin, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium polyacylate,
tartaricacid, grape seed oil, retinyl palmitate(vitamin A),
tocophbryl acetate(vitamin E), BHT, methylparaben, fragaben,
fragrance, phyto-collagen, aloe vera, green tea extract,
plum extract.

Use it Once a Week.

My dark circle color is more like dark brown,
i think my dark circle is

What I think?

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxThe patch is like jelly and rich in moisture.
Pixel Icons at Ego Boxmy dark circle look bit brighter after use.
Pixel Icons at Ego Boxmy eyes area become so soft and supple.
Pixel Icons at Ego BoxReduce lines around eyes a little.

What I don't Like : because its containing Methylparaben.

Purchase again? I don't know, since i love it maybe Yes.
But since it has methylparaben maybe I'm looking to other product first. Pixel Icons at Ego Box

U can't really see the result in photos. Photobucket

my dark circle looks more brighter,
and it soften my eye area.
I have an insomnia and sleep only few hours.

Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel

Okay, i got 3 samples of this peeling gel.
And since now, i have use it all.





It claims to : Makes your skin brighter, thightening pore,
peeling ur dead skin, makes your skin soft, supple and clean.

What I think :

- The smells is so cute and yummy! a gentle peach smell.
- The texture is like a mashed peach (?), sorry
i dont know how to say it.
- Makes your skin feel soft and supple.
- I don't see any peeling effect.
- My pore seems a bit different, its not smaller
but just look a lil visible (only after u use it!)
- The massage process before u clean it its kinda fun
(lol sorry for my silly comment!)

Purchase again? NO. That's why i just try the samples.
1 sachet u can use it for 2 times.

Thanks for reading my review!
Im going to review Skin79 bb cream,
TSF Salmon eye brightening cream,
and TSF Peach sake serum next time.


Friday, March 25, 2011

**PRODUCT REVIEW** check it out ^^ EyeLash Serum&Zamian Cocoa Mask

Hi! Im going to review few products which i used
I think im gonna part it into 2 part.
So it wont become a long post here 

--Im not really good at giving review--
But I'll try my best!

The products are :

 Maxgrowth eyelash serum
 Zamian cacao mask
 Crystal Colagen eyelid patch (loooveee it!)
 Baviphat Peach all in one peeling gel

*** *** ***

Okay, we start with Maxgrowth eyelash serum.
I have use it for almost 4 weeks now.
It claims that only in 14 days you can see
your lashes longer than before.

and what i think : 
YES, it makes my lashes LONGER than before.
Loovee it!

Im sorry i didn't take a picture of my before and after.
The best result in me, is on my bottom lashes.
But the changes on my upper lashes is nice too!!
Before i use this, my bottom lashes is so tiny and
it's hard to put a mascara because its really short!
But now, im satisfied with the result even this
don't give an extreme result.

Tips : If you want to give it a try, don't apply it
with the brush but use a cotton bud, it's easier
and just apply at root. Don't need to brush is like
using a mascara. 

Purhase again ? Probably,
 but I want to try canmake's eyelash serum 

I got it around $11.

*** *** ***

Zamian Cacao Mask.
(i took it with my phone, sry for bad quality)

Last year, i really want to try this chocolate mask.
I hear many good and bad review about this product,
and makes me think twice to try it out.
buutt, last month my face suddenly appear
4-5 pimples!!!
My face is combination, T-zone sometimes become a lil oily
if i sweat, but i don't need to blot it.
The pimples appear on my cheek! and i really hate it,
coz my skin is so fair, so u can really see red spot
on my face 
so i decide to buy it last month! And give it a shot!

My skin condition : 

combination, sensitive,
scars from chickenpox,
blemishes scars, small pimples
and big pore around nose and down eyes.

First time use it, the smells is soooo goooddd 

Texture : Thick, but u need to put many if you
want to make it like the poster.

This picture is after use it for 2 weeks!

while wet..

sry for my silly appearance, lol

the white cirle, is where the pimples dry after used this mask.

What i say :
My pimples dry faster.
It makes my skin so soft and elastic.
My pore seems visible after use this mask.
Control my small blemishes and redness.

Purchase again?? YES! Definitely.
maybe will try other brand chocolate mask.

I got it around $ 16.6 (package with two soaps)

Worth to try if you have combination skin 
and small blemishes on your skin.

My brother try it too!
He has an acne prone skin, really oily and sensitive skin.
After use this for 2 week, His face got more Acne!! 0,0
He use it only once a week which
I was using this once in 2 days 
But I think the result is not really good in him.
I don't know it because he didn't use it regularly or
maybe his skin is too sensitive. (his skin is acne prone)

But at that time, he is using an acnes tint that contain silicon.
Maybe it because of that silicon or this mask?

So use this mask at your own risk!

to be continue
I'll post the second part later.

Thanks for reading !

Sunday, March 20, 2011

COSPLAY!! and HAUL ^w^

Yaayyy! Finally me with my sister had a chance to went to a Cosplay event again!

This Cosplay event was held at Living World mall. And you know what, this event is the quiet event we ever went! But still, fun!

I was cosplay as Lady Ciel from Kuroshitsuji with blonde hair color, lol sorry I havent buy the grey one, and My sis was cosplay as Ciel hantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. We came late so we didn't participated on the contest. Though maybe we got a chance for win 

Here's some picture of us! Please be kind If you dont know the character, u can googling it. keyword : ciel phantomhive / lady ciel.

Toys Kingdom Cosplay Event. 

my sis

soo hot! lol


Aaannd this is Me as Lady Ciel #FAILm because of the wig. HAHA

Eye Make Up Zoom

this were taken after we arrived at home and its raining like crazy!

Im going to an event again this sunday. Actually this is my second time cosplaying as Lady Ciel. The first time was at Hello Fest 7. Im so lazy to make costume right now, 
so i just can wear what i have at the moment 

what do you think ? do you like cosplay?

errr, and my latest haul, so random. LOL

Koji new eyelash curler
Fake lashes
Geo WTA63
Geo Sakura Pink


my other Lady ciel photos from Hello Fest.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

-My laptop is so Gay!!-


im sorry but i can't update my blog for few days or maybe weeks!
my vaio is so gay, i don't know what happen but i can't access my
drive and can't start my win 7.
i'm going to take my vaio for service.
hope they can fix my gay laptop soon, because i wanna post
skin care review and my cosplay photoshoot here. :(

have a nice day all of you ^^


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