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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day !! *updated

Happy Valentine's day~~~

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxVals day, its a full of love day for me Photobucket
I went for lunch with my boyfriend on Benton Junction
at my fav sushi restaurant "Daichi".
It's almost a week since the last time i got there,
because its near from my house,
its about once a week, i always come to Daichi. 
The owner & waitress remember me

Sushi and sashimi, so yummy!Photobucket
U should visit here if you like sushi/sashimi.
This is my fav sushi restaurant beside Sushi Tei & Kiyadon Photobucket
I always ordered salmon sashimi & sake don here,
Sake don is bowl sushi rice topped with tobiko and few slices of salmon

Beside of that i should recommend you
Cawan mushi and spicy tuna rock and roll, (a must)
its sooo yummie !! Photobucket

Well, my bf always ordered volcano roll and crunchy roll,
it's his favorite! and spicy tuna rock and roll too. (all ppls fave)

I wore a match pink polo shirt with my bf yesterday 
My bf praise my look that day. Photobucket
im so happie and shy. LOL

This is some picture of me

After lunch, we walk to a mall near there.
I wanna buy a new wallet for my bf for vals gift,
And we spent times looking for it.

I bought 3 brushes at debenhams.
There are blending brush, lid brush and a pack of e/s brush.
This brushes are quite good and cheap.

after that, i accompanied my bf to buy a music cd

We watched movie too, 'The Mechanic'

i lovee that movie! Jason statham just look like
Bruce Wilis (when he was younger, lol).
So hot! LOL (don't kill me hun Photobucket)
There's many action too in that movie!

ratings : 4.5 out of 5

Here's my stories ended!

PhotobucketHope, all of you have a lovely vals day! Photobucket

Btw, recently my BF just came and give me a gift! 

pink roses! it;s real :3

and my wishlist books!

Hehe, thanks huniyyy~
love ya~

Thanks for reading

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