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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Recent Haul & Cosplay

Hei! I've been so busy last year, have no time for update. Busy with life!

Recently i just bought few stuff after chinese new year. Not much.

There are wonder eyelid (since my eyelid pretty small), fake lashes, maybelline magnum mascara, revlon color stay eyeliner, make up forever hd primer (pink), make up forever lash fibers.

I already tried wonder eyelid this afternoon and its definitely look natural.
(I try to make my double eyelid look bigger), but it's messy, since its my 1st time using this product. but practice makes perfect,isnt it? =w=
You need to try this if you have a mono eyelid.! 
you gotta loovveee it!
sry i can't upload any picture,  coz i was in a hurry when im using this.

For the hd primer, yeah, it really last long. (i use it for 8 hours today) The purple one (which i bought), its for add radiance. the texture really soft and easy to apply n absorb. my skin looks healthy and my redness become unseen..
but my acne scars still there, well i didnt use concealer. If u have lots of redness, i think u should try the green one.

The Lash Fibers, i tried it at the MUFE counter. (note: i already putted mascara at home), it works on my really short eyelashes, lengthen just a lil
I should try it on my bare lashes other time.

this is my fotd that day, just a lil make up. before went to my relative home n mall. Just simple look, haha I look more younger with natural look. hehe

see how short my lashes are.
I want to buy Maxgrowth - serum for lashes. see if it works on me.
Hope i can make a review of it!


I wanna share my random cosplay photos. #fail
please don't laugh if you think it doesn't suit me.LOL

me as curapica from Hunter X Hunter

me as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji

thanks for reading

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