Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fake Lashes from Japan (detail)

! someone request me to take a picture of my new fakelashes.
And i gotta share it with all of youu .

1st Decorative Eyelash
i'm gonna use this to my friend wedding.
this lashes is ideal for feminine look.

2nd Actress Eyelash
this lashes looks more dolly,
i'll use this to my cousin wedding next month.
Hope i can post the look here

3rd Decorative Eyelash in value pack

These lashes are for your bottom eyelash,
i choose more natural look, coz i never use
a bottom fakelashes before.


I got a great deal at those lashes. I purchase it at a midnight sale, i got 20% + 20% discount. These lashes has a good quality so i think i can use it again, hihi.

I wanna try out dolly wink eyelashes, but it's hard to find in my country.
There's a online shop which sell it, its around 15$, but the no.1 series is always OOS. BLEH!
I don't know it's expensive/cheap, but i'm looking for someone who sell it more cheaper.

Thanks for reading!

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