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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jakarta Fashion and Food FEstival

It such a long time that i haven't 
upload my blog againn, last saturday i went to 
JFFF at Kelapa Gading and join the masquerade carnival~
My school Esmod Jakarta took part in that carnival,
we were supposed to designed our costume with different theme.
And mine is cenderawasih (paradise bird) 
which was so colourful and pretty.
Beside of that, we need to make a mask too. 
Because this year theme is masquerade.
So we need to designed the mask too.
I was really busy and got sick because of many assignment to do.
And my exam was on last friday too.Photobucket

The Festival was really fun!! 
There was soo many people there standing along the way.
And the traffic jam was horrible because they closed the street.
Beside us, there was a cosplay, band, fashion show and also food!
I came to there with my friend, and 
we were lost and couldn't find our school line.
Then we saw a huge train with colourful light and music!
Okay, there they were. After met our school group, 
we walked along the street and there so many people took picture of us, 
and wanted to shake hand.Photobucket
It was so funny, because the air was really hot 
and there so~ many people standing around
you, with camera blitz, music and spot light.
We were dancing and walked around 4 mall, 
from La Piazza to Mall Kelapa Gading 3.
It was about 2 km.

I was so~ tired, because I was wearing ankle boots 
and my foot was so stiff.Photobucket

This was one of the trains, there's 4 trains left.
My friend took this in rehearsal, last friday.

Me and my friend Nadia.
Mine was so colourful and her was dark.Lol
At this time, we were waiting for instruction from the commission.

After the carnival, we were went to Mall Kelapa Gading 3.
I was searching for cake or fro.yo.
When we were in the mall, t
here many people starring at us, maybe
they thought we were cosplaying something.
Then 2 little girl came to us and ask for photo.
Before that we were already took some picture, hahahha

After the carnival, i was sweating so much and my make up was almost faded.

From left to right
Elmira, me, vira and Nadia.
I really like Nadia's venice mask, it's so cool!

We got different theme so our costume were different than others.

Me with elmira, lol look at my bare feet, i was took down my boots because
i couldn't walk with that at that moment.

If you live in Indonesia, I should recommend you to come to
this festival next year!! It's so~ much you can see and eat! lol

Thanks for reading
have a nice day!

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