Friday, July 03, 2009

New Haul again! wrong item AGAIN???

Goshhh, why everything seems always wrong?
Got my haul today~
I've ordered 1 dozen falsies and 1 box of black hair pin~
And it coming wrong again!!!
Makes me feel lazy to shopping online again~
Well, the falsies is right but the hair pin, where are youuu??
The seller says, maybe he's servant has wrong~
And promised to sent it again with 2 box?
We'll see~

I just got 6 falsies, coz another 6 is belong to my sister~
So this is what i've got~

I got this for 40.000 idr in 1 dozen
i think it's about 4$ only~
So cheap
Can't wait to use it!




Ai said...

40.000 rupiah for 12 pairs? beli dimanaaaaaaa? hahahaaa iriiii.. they are really pretty! and yees online shopping can be pretty scary sometimes, eh? smoga cepet sampe yg 2 hair pins :)

Cominica said...

so cheap kann~
bli dikaskus~
search aja yg bulu mata, hehe
judul threadnya bulumata fashion~

thanks hunn~
hope, they'll come soon~~ >.<

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