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Monday, July 06, 2009


How is ur weekend ladies?
I'm so so happy last weekend, coz i've purchased few items
and my The She Space haul finally coming!!
so excited

I'm sorry if this post would be boring
coz it'll be long~
Last saturday i went to the Mall with my family
we want to have a dinner and went to Red BeanPhotobucket
After dinner, me and my sister had a window shopping~
and stop at The Face Shop
They had a promo for Herb Day cleansing wipes~
Buy 2 for 65.000 idr only
I told my sister that it was a good deal
Coz the wipes can cleansing make up too

So, we bought it~
And start to walked again~
Then i dropped on La Tullipe counter
I want to bought an eyeshadow base here~

After that, me and my sister went to Watson to buy
a shower bath and body scrub~
I also took an eyelid tape too~
I want to try make a double eyelid Photobucket
So this is what i bought last saturdayPhotobucket

Photobucketeyeshadow base, eyelid tape and herb cleansing wipesPhotobucket

And here's my FOTD that day~


I just got The She Space package from my mom after dinner~
I'm not at home that day
And I'm so happy coz The She Space is finally arrived!
I think there's a shipping problem~
Coz this package has delay Photobucket

So this were my TSS haul~Photobucket

I got 3 Eye Pigment
(Indulgent Appetite, Beauty Babe and Gothic Glamour),
Casmere Stockings and Blush and Glow.
oh!! and The seller gave me a bonus too~

The Swatches (left no base, right w/ base)

(with flash) Please excuse my feet
This were my sister's

And this was mine~
The right-bottom one was not TSS pigment, i just want to try my e/s base

And that was my last saturday stories and haul,
thanks for reading and If u still willing to read
then keep reading~


PhotobucketLazy SundayPhotobucket
Yesterday, my auntie was came back to Indonesia with her new baby~
She's lived in Malaysia.
Actually, she's searching a maid to take care her son~
She'll take the maid with her to Malaysia~
But, it's not that easy to find the right people to look after ur son Photobucket

Well, my father want to visit her (she's my father lil sister)
and her new baby~
The baby name is Bryant and he's so cute!
Before we met her, we went to Mall first~
And me with sister dropped in Etude House
Etude House is a really cute place!!
Everything is in pink and many ribbon there~

But I dont really like the way the SA there welcoming us~
"Welcome Princess"
Well... I still TRYING to be cool and not smiling
But i can't
I bought an white eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and a lipglass

They gave me a box of cosmetic cotton as a bonus

And I got these too from Wacoal~

Catalogue, an pink umbrella and a breast cancer phone strap

After shopping, we bought a fro.yo again~
It's a Yogurt INC and it's sooooo yummieee~~
I more like this than Sour Sally~
This is not as sour as Sour Sally and more milky~

and we bought a Takoyaki too

After having fun at the Mall~
We were going to my auntie house and met with my father relative
My auntie has gave us these


Yesterday was so fun but so tired Photobucket

Trying my new pigment



Saturday, July 04, 2009

Missha vs Feverlet

Helloooo Galssss~~ It's already weekend!! Time goes so fast,, 
I wanna make a review for the bb cream which i use at the moment~
They are Missha PC and Feverlet HD

As you can see, these two bb cream has a fair shade which is really suit me~

The left is Missha PC and The right is Feverlet HD. If you had read my old post,
u can find that i already make a review for Feverlet HD.

Missha PC
Missha has a thick texture
Easy to blend
Nice healing properties
(My pimples bcome dry after using this bb cream)
Good coverage
Nice flowery smell
I really like this bb cream so far!

Feverlet HD
Has a thick texture (more thick than Missha)
Good coverage with dewy look (iMo)
The shade is more light than Missha
Easy to blend
I like this bb cream too, but it has no healing effect on my face~

All my review is based on my experience and my opinion. So, it may has different effect on people face. Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 03, 2009

New Haul again! wrong item AGAIN???

Goshhh, why everything seems always wrong?
Got my haul today~
I've ordered 1 dozen falsies and 1 box of black hair pin~
And it coming wrong again!!!
Makes me feel lazy to shopping online again~
Well, the falsies is right but the hair pin, where are youuu??
The seller says, maybe he's servant has wrong~
And promised to sent it again with 2 box?
We'll see~

I just got 6 falsies, coz another 6 is belong to my sister~
So this is what i've got~

I got this for 40.000 idr in 1 dozen
i think it's about 4$ only~
So cheap
Can't wait to use it!



TBS Tea Tree Oil Mask Review

Hello~ It's already Friday! Time flies so quickly!! I dont like it ;A;

Well, actually i want to review a mask product now, It's The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Mask. I have use this product for a long time~ Probably for 2 years.

This is what the web said:

Best if you want to:
with a soothing and cooling clay mask that draws out impurities,
excess oil and helps prevent blemishes.

How it works:Triple-action organic Community Trade tea tree oil controls oil,combats existing blemishes and prevents new ones without over-drying skin.Kaolin clay purifies and absorbs excess oil to prevent blemishes and restore skin’s natural balance.


Water, Kaolin, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Myristate, Octyl Palmitate,
Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Cyclomethicone,
Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben,
Disodium EDTA, Limonene, Titanium Dioxide, Chromium Hydroxide Green, Iron Oxides.

I didn't know that this mask contain kaolin and titanium dioxide. You can find those ingredients in product for oily skin~ My skin is combination oily at the moment.

I really like this mask!! It calming my redness and make my skin really smooth without make it dry. 
If i have a blemishes on my face, i will use this mask because this mask is good for blemish skin. Make my blemishes dry fast <3
I don't know it'll work the same on everyone skin. And my face is really sensitive, but rarely have acne. Maybe because I used this mask twice a week? hahaha
But, I hate the smell!!!! Almost fainted everytime I use it, LMAO XD XD
It has a strong smell and I don't really like it. But, that's not a big deal for me. Maybe I can bear with it. lol

And noted, it contain paraben, so i don't recommend this product if u have a really sensitive skin like me. Wonder why I still use it? I don't know why XD

I better recommend you this,

Aloe Mask, This mask is really good for sensitive skin.
I've never try this mask before but Im going to buy it soon, coz it contain no fragrance and preservative which is really good for our skin.

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