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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


last saturday I did a make up play again~

I went to a Mall and had a dinner with my family~
And ate Sour Sally again, 
Sour Sally just opening on Supermall Karawaci~

And the place is holly cute!

I'll take the picture next time

So this is what I looked like that day

Loreal WP Lotion spf 15
Misha PC #21
EM Sunkissed Fair
EM Sunlight
EGM High Def Pro
EGM cundado beach
Latullipe E/S Base
EGM Beauty Babe
Etude House Eyeglow
Etude House Oh my eye line!
Oriflame Eyebrow
NYX Fire
Maybelline Hypercurl mascara
Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner

i love red!

Red is a really sexy and elegant colour
do you agree??

Thanks for reading


Thursday, July 09, 2009

FOTD & Falsies



Yesterday my mom told me that we want go to a Mall suddenly~
and i have no time to prepare my self~
Just have less than 10 minute!!

Luckily i still can put a bb cream+finishing powder and eyeliner~

So this is what i looked like
(sorry i've used my mobile camera coz my digicam is out of batery)

This is just really simple one~
I just use a pink eyeshadow on my lid and the point is
the black eyeliner and the white one!

-What I used-


Loreal WP SPF15
Feverlet HD BB Cream
EM Olive Fair - semi matte
EGM High D Pro
EGM Blush Medium Rose

EGM Medium Rose
Etude Oh My Line
Etude Eyeglow
Maybelline Hypercurl
Maybeline Unstoppable Eyeliner
Circle Lens

Etude Glassade #11

After arrived at The Mall, we dropped in sushi restaurant @Benton Junction
And ordered some food
Feel so hungry at that time
(took with my bro's mobile phone)

After eating we back to the Mall and
I bought an eyelash curler, an eyeshadow brush,
an falsies glue and 2 magazine~

I got a bonus for those magazine!
(A make up pouch and a zippered legging

And i tried using falsies for the first time~
Just trying~
Here's what the falsies look~
And i've tried to frame my right eye

How it looks?



Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Make Up Play

Make Up Play

PhotobucketTrying my new TSS Pigment~

I've created a look with Beauty Babe and Gothic Glamour

with the bonus

Banana Mochi from fyrinnae too~

A very shimmery yellow~
And I wanna tried out my new etude haul too
I love my new eye glow linerPhotobucket


So this is the 1st look

Pink Gothic

I don't know why it look like this on my cameraPhotobucket
in real it looks gothic pink with a yellow on highlight

And My second look~
Created with my Reog palette

I've promised to make a look for her~

This is inspired by Jessica Alba~
She always use a gold brown and sometimes with a hint of maroon

This is a very natural look~
Hot for summer

Which one do you like?

my face looks tan!!

Whole face

sorry i just wore bb cream n haven't put lip colour

Etude Glassade swatch #11

And due the election, i have done it!!!

Choose the best president for My Country

vote for sby!!



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