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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kawaii Nail Art x Cuteness and Review

I always lazy to do nail art   (/゚Д゚)/ because I really hate the feeling when my cute nail art is done but I need to remove it on the next few days. It feel suck you know, I'm sure you've had this experience too. Lol. It's been a long time I didn't make a nail art again on nail tips(((( ;°Д°)))). The last time I made it was when I was still in Univ, at that time I was living in my old house. When moving to my current house now, all my nail art tips and some decorations is gone! w(°o°)w damn! Because I was so busy that time I didn't even remember it. hahaha.
But NOW, I got my nail tips again with ribbon and pearl from Bornprettystore. They sell so many stuffs for your nail art with affordable price! This is what I got few days ago.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cute Bow Knot Leopard Glasses

Hello~ Hello~ o(≧▽≦ )o o( ≧▽≦ )o , Do you love wearing fashion glasses just for fun? 
BornPrettyStore kindly sponsored me one cute glasses for try. This glasses doesn't even has glass on the frame, mwhahahahaha. So, this is purely for fashion and fun! Check out their store here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Natural Make Up Tutorial and Natural false lashes review

Hello ladies~ (///∇//)  This is a requested tutorial, I got many request to do a natural make up look. I thought no one interested in natural make up now, lol. This look is simple and easy to do, you can wear this look everyday, for hang out, school or any casual time. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and please bear for my messy hair, hahahah I was lazy to tidy it that day. Enjoy the tutorial!

I'm not a make up artist or make up expert, so please don't mind my bad application. :p And Please let me know if you find this tutorial isn't 'natural' enough. Lol XD

♔ Product I use ♔ (Browse Beauty Review Page if you haven't seen the review).
✩ Liole Dollish Vita BB in Lavender
✩ Lioele Triple the solution bb cream
✩ Everyday mineral Base in Buff fair neutral
✩ SANA Maiko han loose powder in pink
✩ Holika Holika Eyeshadow cream
✩ Skinfood sugar bloom shadow box
✩ Maybelline hyper sharp liner
✩ Dolly wink pencil eyeliner in brown
✩ Lancome voluptuous mascara
✩ MUFE Lash fibers
✩ MajoMajo lash expander frame plus
✩ Dolly wink otona eyebrow pencil
✩ Dolly wink eyebrow mascara
✩ Natural false lashes from Born Pretty Store
✩ Dolly wink eyelash Fix
✩ Revlon blush in Red Apple
✩ Revlon lip butter in Sweet tart and Cupcake
✩ Opera moist lip gloss

If you have watch my tutorial, you can see I was using a natural false lashes to complete this look. I got that false lashes from Born Pretty Store. This false lashes is really soft and the lenght is perfect for my eyes. Not too long and not too short. Other things I love is I got 10 pairs of false lashes in 1 box. The price is really affordable too.

If you're interested in this false lashes, please check the product here. And you can use the coupon code LCDJ61 to get 10% discount.

Thanks for watching and reading ladies! My body isn't fit again.. ;__; because lack of sleep, weather change and too tired. I wonder why my body so weak.. -.-" I even got nose-bleed again yesterday, I work hard because I'm too excited about everything! Is that bad? ≧△≦ but despite of that, I'm really happy! Hehe, I'll be back with other beauty review and make up tutorial. Have a nice days ladies! (≧∇≦)/

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thick False Lashes review - sponsored by BornPrettyStore

Hellooo ladies!! It's a False lashes review again, this time is sponsored by BornPrettyStore. They've sell many Quality Nail art, Beauty and Life style products. I've choose 10 Pairs Eye lash False Thick Eyelashes Makeup #113 to try and review, my dramatic false lashes like this is already broke, that's why I want to try this false lashes.

This false lashes is really look thick and dramatic, definitely not recommend this for daily use unless you're confident enough. Happily, I'm planning to wear this falsies only to a cosplay party or a costume event like that. I did feel this lashes is to heavy for small eyes, but I try to make it look good. I hope I can pull out the look well. >w<

This falsies is has a spiky effect with a full volume look from the base. The band is black and quite stiff but that's okay, because the shape is already ready to apply (in my case) on my eyes, but I need to apply plenty of eyelashes glue to make it stay and my dolly wink eyelash fix is almost run out, that's why the falsies shape is look a bit weird on my eyes XD

Here's the close up look on my eyes, okay this isn't suit my eye shape =A=

Both eyes, looks better? yeah I use eyelid tape to make my lid look bigger and more glue to hold the lashes, it looks better here than the above. LOL ^-^

And the look!!! I should wear a more dramatic lower lashes, hahahha I still love this look, but I still feel this falsies is too heavy for my eyes.

Btw, I'm wearing EOS Candy Brown. 

To the conclusion ::

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Spiky effect
✩ Makes my eyes look full
✩ The falsies shape is good and when apply it looks really dramatic and thick!
✩ Look obvious on pictures!! That's why I want to wear it when cosplaying :D

♔ HATE ♔
✩ A bit stiff

Bornprettystore provide a coupon code with 5% off discount, the code is : COJ61, they shipping is quite fast too. The customer service is really nice and friendly.

What do you think of this falsies? If you love to do a photo shoot then this falsies is perfect, because it looks obvious on camera. Especially if you love to cosplay and Gyaru make up like me, hehe. Thanks for reading ladies, Have a nice days!!! ^-^

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