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Monday, December 09, 2013

Brightlele Natural Black and Long hair wig

Sometimes, I miss my long black shiny hair, hahhaha. But I don't want to dye my current hair to black because I love my hair color so much now!(。º̩̩́⌓º̩̩̀).゜ So, the only solution is .. a wig! A natural wig that looks like a real hair and soft. (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑

Hazelnut cawaii was kindly sent this Brightlele wig for me. It is really really soft and easy to maintain. And the thickness is quite similar to my real hair, hehe.(۶்▿்)۶

Do you think I look weird with black hair? lol (º﹃º)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Synthetic WIG review - sponsored by kkcenterhk

Hello ladies! (≧∇≦)/ KKcenterhk was kindly sent me 2 item, the first is this synthetic wig and a curling hot stick. You know, what I love about Kkcenterhk is they ship so fast!! Can you imagine Hong Kong to Indonesia for just 3 days? Wow! I was shocked yesterday when received their package. How can that be so fast?≧△≦ Lol, Whatever~ At least, I was so happy to received this package!

So, I'm going to review the wig first and hopefully I can make a hair tutorial use the hot curler they've sent to me *crossedfingers* ≧△≦. This wig named Gill Perect Shoulder Length Full Bangs BOB Wigs, I choosed this wig because the cut is really unique and I don't own a wig like this before. 

The color is like a copper brown but it change in different lightning, sometimes look a bit orange/yellow. They have other 5 colors to choose. ◕ ‿◕
And what made me impress is this wig is really soft and easy to maintain(゜◇゜). However, it still look obvious in real life. I don't mind people know that I'm using a wig. Lol (`∀´)ノ

So~~ What do you think?? I really loooveee it! I think this wig looks so classy and sweet.(///∇//) *not me LOL
♥ My eye make up, I wear a small eyelid tape to make my lid look more deeper like Tsubasa Masuwaka >‿<. Actually, I want to try Mizuki style of make up, but it was wrong from the beginning -.- Because mizukitty doesn't really has deep eyelid like Tsu-chan. I think I didn't do it well. sobb

Product I use : 
✩ Maybelline clear smooth bb cream | ZA two way foundation
✩ Canmake cream blush 07
✩ LJ 12 colors eyeshadow | SANA super quick liquid eyeliner | False lashes
✩ NYX Soft matte lipstick | Maybelline color sensational | Opera moist lipgloss

my eye make up. I use Geo princess mimi gray contact lens.

simple huh? lol. This is my first time reviewing a wig, though I've few wigs I never review one of them. I thought no one interested XD, but few friends asked me to review the fashion wig I own. Hmm, I'll try review it next time, but I've use them on my look here so I think it'll be boring. lol

So~~, anyone love to use wig? Actually, I only wear them to a cosplay event, sometimes I wear it hang out too if I haven't wash my hair. Or when I have a bad hair day, wig is really convenient to use. Make sure you have 1/2 wig for your bad hair day because it's so easy to use and QUICK. One thing I don't like when use a wig, it's make my head feels so hot outside(●`3´●). But, If I'm in AC room all the day then it doesn't matter.

If you're interested to get this wig, you can go directly to kkcenterhk and take a look on their wig collections and of course FALSIES. Lol. And don't forget to enter this unique code to get 10% discount :: BLGB385CH10 this code is valid until 28 Feb 2012.

Thanks for reading ladies~ If you have some question just ask me here or on my facebook or twitter. See ya~! :*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

**Korean Wig Look**

Here's what i look like using my mono wig.
Yesterday i posted, my korean wig haul.
And i'm going to show you my picture using that wig Pixel Icons at Ego Box

The seller told me, that this mono wig is
look like a real hair and doesn't shine.
But it's totally a lie
my family said that it looks really fake Photobucket
but my sis said that it's quite good
but still... u can say that im wearing a wig

just take a look,

my 1st wig, color is black and the curl is on the bottom.
personally i don't hate this wig, i like it but its kinda look fake.
and my face is wide so i look a lil weird using this wig.

2nd wig.
actually i bought this wig, coz im going to use it
on my cousin wedding party.
its shiny and loooookk really fake.
is not that bad in picture though.but im still sad.

What do you think gurls??

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