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Monday, September 26, 2011

My first Part Time Job ramblings and others~

Hellow ladies! So, yesterday me and my sister were went to an event for a part-time job. This is our first time to do a part time job, since it's not easy to find here, in Indonesia. And what we like about this job is, we were must wear our cosplay costume~ Hoohohohoho

We just need to gave a gift to people who took a picture of us. Since, this job is like cosplaying stuff we were really happy and excited when did this job, although it was super tired too because we need to stand and walk for 3 hours (we were wearing boots with heels) and bring lotsa cosplay properties >_< . There were so many people took pictures and it felt so hot suddenly because too many people around.

I've called to the stage too and got some interview up there about cosplay and stuff. Wonder why it's me? I didn't know too, someone came and told me to went to stage for some interview and in a hurry so I just follow her. lol

The event is about a harajuku, lolita, gothic and kimono fashion show (there's han bok too, han bok is a korean traditional dress). The people who have that show is the one who hire us. And of course we've got pay for this, it's not much but I can buy a pair of dolly wink falses lashes and the case with it. But, I'll save the money for other things, I don't want to buy any make up stuff at the moment.
I want to participate in such event again or get a part-time job again like this, because we're love cosplay and cosplaying. So, we were happy doing this and it's fun. I met cosplayer friend too there, it's so nice being together with people with same hobby and interest!

some pictures, sorry it's soo blur! I just brought a digi-cam because it's imposible to brought a DSLR yesterday. We were took a break at Burger King at that moment >.<

BTW, I'll get a ***** this weekend. Hope so! *crossedfingers Wonder what is it? Just wait until this weekend! Hahahahha

And this is my empty workshop that hasn't finish until now, someone stole the key from my dad. We've got a little problem and still looking for a replacement, hope everything going well so it can finish soon.

*took with phone camera few weeks ago

1st floor

mine is the pink one, the green one is my sister's.

Nothing to see, really. But since many of you want to see, well I just post it. lol, wish me luck ladies! See ya!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

CLAS:H - Cosplay Live Action Show Hybrid Event

Yeaaaah! Finally I went to cosplay event again! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 
I didn't cosplay though, coz I haven't finish my cosplay costume yet, so I just wear Gothic with my sister.

I met few friends, yeah I don't have many cosplay friends, because I don't go to cosplay event regularly, (for what?) I just go if I want to go with my sister, lol moody pair.

So this Clash event suppose to be an international cosplay event, but HEY! It's only one stall selling food and drink? so pooor! If you want to see the clash cosplay website, you can go here I'm too lazy to explain about the event, lol, I just want to meet friends there and capture cute cosplayers, hohoho

So let's see all cute cosplayers I found yesterday, lalallala~

her name is Akane, aaww she's too cute! (///∇//)

found her accidentally

and this cute pinky hair

my friend ni-chan

want to kidnapped her O_O

my friends nia n sasu

yuki n marcella

While looking for cute cosplayers, we were camwhoring, lol
I mean me and my friend, you can visit her blog here

this is my sister ^-^ isn't she cute? lol

with my friend margaret, lol she was tiptoe to make her height same as me XD

with my new friend yuki ^-^

And here's pictures spam by me, loll

We went to home arround 6pm, then 8.30 pm we ate sushi, yeah, treat after photo hunting, lolll 8D

Salmon set (salmon maki, salmon sushi,sashimi and salmon mentai)

Yakuza Roll (weird name for sushi, lol) mixed of unagi and cheese cream

Spicy tuna rock n roll

Maguro sashimi,actually there's 5 slice but we already ate 2 of them XD

Aaaannnddd, a BONUS!
This is how a kameko pose when taking pictures, ROFL

Sorry, I'll post my make up look next, and thanks for help voting on my blog.
Love you aaallll~~ >‿<

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hunter X Hunter Cosplay

This my few cosplay picture as Kurapica from Hunter X Hunter on latest cosplay event.

He is my all time fave boy anime character! I became an Otaku it's because HxH too, this anime is so addicted.kekeke

Kurapica is a member of the Kuruta clan,  a reticent group of people that chose to live in obscurity in the Lukso Province.  They possess eyes that turn flaming scarlet in times of anger or emotional agitation -  a color that, if they die while in such a state, remains eternally in the iris. 

Kurapika is a level-headed and intelligent individual, possessing vast knowledge. Of sound judgment, his focused analyses have saved his friends from the brink of death many times. Kurapika has proven to be a balanced fighter on several occasions.

During the Hunter Exam story arc, he uses two large tantō hidden below his overshirt as weapons. These however, are broken during his exam duel  against Hisoka. In the Yorknew City arc,  he uses a set of chains on his right hand materialized from his nen.

I need your comment for my cosplay,

Do I look like a boy? LOL

pikkus from kameko

(my sister is cosplaying as Killua >///<)

some fangirling, lol *slapped my self

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Enma Ai Cosplay Photosession


Enma ai, is a main character from Anime Series "Jigoku shoujou" or "Hell Girl". She had a tragic past and become a hell correspondence that will send ppl you hate to the hell.

She tend to wear a black and red trimmed school uniform except when she is ‘working’ when she wears a black kimono with colored flowers.

She receives request for vengeance through a website which can only be accessed at exactly midnight  and only by those who truly want to revenge. 
After getting a request she gives the person a doll with a red string indicating that by pulling the string a contract is agreed to take the target of revenge to hell in exchange for that person going to hell when they die. Enma is assisted by three people Ichimoku Ren, Hone Onna and Wanyuudou.

She never show any kind of emotion, looks dark and scary but sad.

::Disclaimer - I did edited some of my picture, and some pictures were edited by my bf.

warning : lotsa pictures to come!

She is my favorite girl character and i decided to cosplay as her.
I know, I might not really look like her. But I've tried my best to cosplay as her.
And I'm sorry if I failed, but I really proud of this coz this is my first cosplay and my 1st time made a cosplay costume, props and styling wig.

Do you like cosplay too?? what do you think?
What character do you like?
tell me! =w=

Thanks for reading!

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