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Monday, August 10, 2020

The Secret Of My Eyebrows

A few weeks ago, I shared a photo of my eyebrows on my IG Story to tease you guys. For longtime readers of my blog, you will know that I don't have eyebrows. My eyebrows are so thin that they appear naked. I'm still wondering if I should share my secret, however, I believe it will be of use to many people. Hence, I will share my experience with this product with all of you.

eyebrow grows asian chinese

Friday, July 15, 2011

Utena Aloes Moisturizing Lotion 100% Organic

Prepare the texture of your skin, make it smooth and healthy skin, and feel moist and supple after use.

Made by the Thought "of the four prescription-free",  made from certified organic aloe and accredited organizations, "Organic aloe vera juice (moisturizer)" formulation.

acid-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil free, coloring free.

Bought in SG : S$ 21.9 (if im not wrong)
If you live in SG you can find it at Watson.

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