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Leni Diana Cominica, also known as Cominica, has been the author of since 2010. During that time, she became recognized as one of the prominent Beauty & Fashion bloggers before the terms 'influencer' and 'celebgram' even existed. Cominica actively collaborated with numerous brands, both locally and internationally, from 2011 to 2018. Among the well-known brands she worked with are Toshiba, Make Up Forever, Etude House, LIOELE, Tony Moly, MAC, Nylon Japan, Olive des Olive Japan, Glico Company, Clarins, Menard, Waku-waku Japan, Dolly Wink, Candy Doll, Kay Collection, Sony Music Japan, SOZO Singapore, AFA, OLENS, ASOS, and many others.

In 2018, Cominica got married and moved to the United Kingdom with her husband, embarking on a journey of exploration across Europe. During her time in the UK, she declined numerous job offers and instead focused on supporting her husband. While she was less active in the realm of blogging and content creation, she discovered that the 'new term' of content creator no longer aligned with her ideals. Preferring to maintain the authenticity of her blog, she opted to write freely, without being tied to job-related commitments, allowing her to express her views independently.

Cominica is passionate about animal welfare, environmental issues, social concerns, and children's education worldwide. She frequently shares her thoughts and opinions on Instagram, unafraid to make her voice heard by young audiences.

Currently, Cominica juggles multiple roles, including educator (online & at school), mentor to her students, freelance graphic designer & illustrator, entrepreneur, devoted wife, and loving mother to her 26 pets.

You can connect with her on Instagram, Thread, or simply drop her an email.




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