Blogged since 2009 and active since late of 2011. Cominica is a Beauty & Fashion Blogger based in Indonesia. Comi writes about Beauty, Fashion and Life Style in her blog. She loves to write about anything she likes and her experiences. She also loves to write about her trips and places like restaurants and cafes.

She adores Japan, especially Fashion and everyone can see that in her style and daily life. She wants to inspire people with her fashion style and encourage them to be confident with what they wear. She has been starting her own Fashion Brand since 2012, Cominica Couture. All the clothes are designed by her and made in limited stock only to keep authenticity. She also a co-founder of MACO.

She has collaborated with various Brands/Companies from Japan (Dolly Wink, Toshiba, Olive des Olive, SONY Japan, etc.), Indonesia (Shinzui, Sari Ayu, etc.), Korea (Etude House, Lioele, Shangpree, etc.) and other International countries like Singapore and the U.S. Also, she has been invited to many special events and featured in some local magazines like Gogirl and Cosmogirl.

For any project/collaboration/partnership/invitation kindly drop your email to askcominica@gmail.com

Cominica is currently living in the UK.

Disclaimer :
All her reviews on this blog are 100% her opinion and based on her personal experience about the product. Even though the product is sponsored, her reviews are honest and based on her own experiences.

Other than the product that stated "sponsored", all products are purchased by herself, and she wants to share her opinion and experience about the product to all her readers.