Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Canmake Lip Tint Jam Review

Today, I want to talk about this lip tint a little bit. I got this lip tint in Tokyo 2 years ago, specifically at Donki. Donki is literally heaven for beauty lovers! I'm a fan of Canmake's cosmetic due to its pretty packaging and affordable price. Canmake is one of Japan's most favourite make up brands, and you must try it too if you haven't.

I've been using this lip tint for almost every day since the end of 2018. I almost finished the whole bottle so I guess I'll throw my thoughts here before it's gone completely. :)

Brand = Canmake
Colour = 01
Price = 650 Yen

This lip tint is probably my go-to item for every day; both for day look and night look, and also a part of my daily makeup besides my Tony Moly lip tint. The staying power is good enough to make me wear it regularly. Besides that, I love the jam texture and how the formula isn't too drying like other Korean lip tints. This one is quite moisturising and doesn't leave any weird sticky/creamy residue.

Japan Cosmetic

I got the number 01. The colour looks like burgundy-red in the bottle, it's a dark red shade but don't let that put you off. When I apply it to my lip it looks like a cherry red. Very fresh look! I always want a shade like this for my lip makeup. It makes my complexion looks cooler (I'm a neutral-olive tone).

My husband loves this colour on me too, although he prefers brighter shade like fire red. While me, I love a darker shade like this. I think this kind of colour makes me look maturer.

Canmake Japan
The colour makes my complexion looks even brighter!

While the staying power is quite good, but the colour will disappear when I eat or drink so I always bring this lip tint everywhere. It's not a big deal for me since this lip tint doesn't leave any residue, so no matter how much I apply this jam on my lips it won't look waxy.

One tip to make it stays longer = top it with a lip balm.

I also love the buildable texture of this lip tint, it's blendable. If I want a bolder look I'll apply 2-3 times. For a fresh natural look, just apply once.

Japan lip tint

What I like:
∞ It's quite long-lasting (if I top it with a lip balm)
∞ Very affordable 
∞ Buildable
∞ Unique colour
∞ Easy for touch-up
∞ Super cute packaging 
∞ Not excessively drying like other lip tints

What I dislike:
∞ Need regular touch-up if I drink/eat

Will I get it again? Nope, because I want to try the other brands. 😂

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