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Thursday, July 02, 2020

My New Yoga Mat!

Hi guys, welcome again to my blog. Today, I'm going to share about my new yoga mat I bought from Amazon. It just arrived a few days ago, and I have used it several times until now. That's why today I'm quite confident to give you a review of this yoga mat.

Before I begin, I just want to say that I started my yoga exercise a month ago, mainly for my overall health and well-being. I feel that yoga helps me with my mental health and body flexibility.

I bought my old yoga mat in Aldi last year. At that time, I've planned to do some floor exercises at home before summer, but I didn't use it much until this year. The quality isn't good, and the texture is quite slippery, but it's a good starting mat for a mild stretching. The thickness is just 4 mm, so it doesn't protect my knee much when I'm kneeling. Well, it was only around £5 - £7 if I'm not wrong.

My old blue yoga mat started to fall-off when I jumped a lot two weeks ago, and because it's slippery, I've injured my self many times, lol. Then, I've decided to get a better yoga mat for the second time for my flow every day.

I surfed on Google to find the best yoga mat in the UK two weeks ago. I've found that there are a lot of expensive yoga mats out there like Liforme and Manduka. I was tempted to get one from them as I can afford both, but I've never decided anything recklessly. I'm just a beginner in yoga and I think a standard yoga mat will be enough for me.

Then, I've found this eco-friendly yoga mat in Amazon while I was searching for a new yoga mat. I have waited for a few days to get this mat, and while waiting for it, I still use my old yoga mat for a mild morning stretch. This yoga mat I got from Amazon cost £32, not too expensive but not cheap. I was looking for a cheaper alternative, but in the end, I have decided to get this one.

left: new  right: old

I picked the purple/pink colour because I love both colours. My old yoga mat is in blue, and I love blue as well. Honestly, the colour doesn't matter much for me. The quality of the mat is more important. I think this yoga mat from Amazon is a good starting mat for a beginner yogis as we need to find our types of yoga.

If you would like to see whether yoga suits your needs or not, you shouldn't buy an expensive mat for the first time. I suggest you start with a standard quality yoga like this one.

As for me, I don't like wasting money to something I started as a beginner. If I don't like yoga, then I can use the mat for another floor exercises or pilates. Some popular yoga mats are so overpriced, I don't know about the quality tho but I read some reviews from the customers that they're still slippery. That's why I still hesitate to get both Liforme or Manduka, the price is almost £100!

For now, I think this yoga mat is enough for me. :)

I like how this yoga mat is eco-friendly and cleanable, I hope it stays until next year!

The blue one is from Aldi, I got it for only £5-7 (I don't remember exactly), and the pink one is from Amazon for £32. If you check the picture, you should notice that the new one from Amazon looks sturdier in shape and material. I've noticed that the mat from Aldi is very fragile. The new one is stiffer.

What I like about my new yoga mat is I can use the pink side for more complicated poses and the purple one for general yoga practises. I found the texture of the new mat is better than the old one, but the smell puts me off. It smells like a chemical at first, and it makes me a little bit uncomfortable. It gets better after I wipe it several times tho.

The brand claims that it's an eco-friendly TPE yoga mat. It's 100% latex-free and PVC free, also Chloride free. It's made from TPE + TC (Polyester + Cotton), not very natural I guess but what can I expect from a mat? I'm not an eco-professor or an eco-worshiper, so I'm not going to talk about this topic further. You can do your research if it matters most for you. :)

Still, we can't swallow all its good claim rawly.

My new yoga mat isn't perfect, it's still a little bit slippery, especially if I move and sweat a lot. My palms and feet got easily wet even though I don't do anything, so sometimes l borrow exercise gloves from my husband. If your palms are easy to sweat like me, you should wear gym gloves to prevent any injury!

I'm planning to get yoga socks as well to prevent me from falling from the mat if I do complicated pose for the first time. Please keep reading until the end, I've put some items recommendation for you. :D

Here are the summarize of the comparisons between my old yoga mat from Aldi and the new one from Amazon.

Blue yoga mat from Aldi:
- 4mm thickness
- thin
- can not wash
- fragile, like a hollow foam
- very slippery if I sweat a little
- the mat is shiny
- only suitable for slow-paced yoga
- great for travelling
- fall-off when I do jumping

Purple/Pink yoga mat from Amazon (Saferell):
- 6mm thickness
- thicker than Aldi's
- can wash
- sturdy
- a little bit slippery if I sweat a lot
- the mat is not shiny
- suitable for most yoga practises
- eco-friendly
- great for travelling
- good for jumping moves

You can find some products essential for your beginner yoga below, I love Amazon, lol. I hope it helps you to find all the products you need. I'm planning to buy yoga socks and blocks as well. I need the blocks for neck stretching and the yoga socks to prevent me from any injuries.

Thanks for reading, I'll talk to you below! :)

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