Friday, July 10, 2020

Fashion Try On

Hi guys, how are you? Is everything alright? Even tho the lockdown is looser now, but that doesn't mean that the situation is okay. I heard about super Saturday last week, it was crazy! There are some new COVID-19 cases again in the UK after a bunch of people went to the pub, like a herd of hungry goats. They risked their lives and other people lives for something worldly. Was that really necessary? I don't know.

For me, I don't mind waiting for a little bit longer to go out like the usual. Stay at home and doing fashion is fun as well. Let's check my latest stuff from Femme Luxe! 

I'm using my Cezanne-Soft preset, you can buy it here.

This time, I got some casual stuff like t-shirts and cute tops for summer. It turns out that this year's early summer is full of light showers in the UK. Nevertheless, basic is a must. 

So, let's see how they look on me :D

1. Oversized black t-shirt, I picked this basic piece to #stayathome. Well, we always need basic oversized t-shits for our lazy days. This t-shirt is thin and quite comfortable. I chose one size up from my usual size because I want this t-shirt to be really wide. I usually wear size 6/8 but I picked size 10 in this post. :)

It turns out that I love to wear this t-shirt on a daily basis now when the weather is warm and of course sometimes to grocery shopping when I'm lazy to dress up.

2. A cute crop top for spring, I picked this lovely piece to wear as a casual top for spring. This top is trendy to pair with leggings or light coloured joggers. I love the colourful butterflies pattern, it makes me remember my old kawaii-style. The smock style is pretty and I appreciate the long sleeve.

I always adore prints, it makes my clothes different from the others. 

 don't care about my belly, lol

3. A basic white t-shirt with 'basic' writing, lol. It's a really casual t-shirt and versatile, suits for loungewear and as an underlayer for blazer or jacket. The material is comfortable enough to wear at home and to sleep. Besides that, the 'basic' writing is really catchy, we can wear it as a statement with basic straight jeans, plus white sneakers to complete the look!

4. A basic faux leather skirt, I picked this skirt because a black leather skirt is a must for every winter season. This one is bodycon style, I love how it hugs my hip. It looks elegant yet cool, makes everyone wants it in their wardrobe. ;D

Besides layer it above a thermal stocking in winter, this skirt is perfect to match with any tops during the day. It's chic, edgy and sexy.

The bodycon shape hugs my body and shapes it, makes my body looks good. It's stylish to wear this leather skirt with a jacket or coat as well.

5. An organza top, the last one in this post. I picked this ribbed fluffy top in beige colour because of Iove at first sight! I always love see-through and fluffy material. It's cute for summer and the organza material isn't itchy. They've covered the cloth connection on the arms well with other material so it's comfortable to wear. 

Ribbed material is great for the summer and chic because it shapes my body without making it too tight. It matches best with jeans but lovely with any neutral bottoms (since the colour is beige). Belle! :)

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