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Monday, June 22, 2020

Trend Fashion Items for June

Hey ladies, how's life? Today, I'm going to share some fashion items I got recently. So, let's start?

This time, I got five pieces of clothing items for a try. They are one corset top, one bodysuit, two trousers and one skirt. Which one you want to see first? :)

1.  Peach corset top

Firstly, I have to admit that the first reason why I picked this top is because of Lisa from Blackpink. I've never thought that I would get a peach corset 🍑, and I can't imagine my self wearing this because I think I might not pull it off because of my small chest.

I saw Lisa wore a peach/pink corset top in her latest variety show "Youth With You 2" and thought I should try it too. Please forgive my shameless decision, lol!

I pair the corset with a t-shirt too below (no.3!), you can wear this corset with any t-shirts or white shirts underneath as long as they fit well to your body. Don't wear oversized t-shirts!

2.  The knitted bodysuit

I was a little bit sceptical when I ordered this sage coloured top. I thought the colour will not look good on my skin. It turns out that this tone kinda suits my neutral-olive skin tone. Two BAs in John Lewis said that I have a little bit of olive undertone. I was quite surprised because most BAs think that all Asian have yellow skin, pfft.

This knitted bodysuit is sexy and perfect to wear in summer. I want to wear this to the beach!

Anyway, this bodysuit will look great with joggers as well. Try to wear it with pastel coloured joggers and light coloured blazer for a sporty-chic spring look. 

3.  The flared faux leather pant

Animal leather, faux leather and PU leather are really popular nowadays. I really want a good white leather-look pant. Even though this pant isn't made from real leather but the quality is good and it looks sleek. I just hope that this trouser is a little bit shorter! :'D

This pant is actually looking pretty expensive for the price, like something you get from a well-known brand.

4.  A classic black trouser with an open slit

We all need a classic black trouser (with a twist) in our wardrobe for any formal occasion, or just for going out. You can wear it with any heels for ultimate CEO's look. ;)

My height is 167cm, and this trouser is way too long for me! I need to cut about 10cm shorter or this will look unflattering on me. This happens to the white faux leather pant too, it's too long.

5.  PU skirt

This isn't a real leather skirt, but the wrap style is really cute. My husband is a fan of this skirt. If you notice, the black colour of this skirt isn't that dark if we compare it with the top. 

I love how this skirt is high waist! It makes me look taller and slimmer. I wear this skirt as a statement and match it with a black high neck bodysuit. It looks edgy but still chic.

This time, I didn't pick any loungewear because the lockdown is getting loose. I wish we could go out soon without feeling scared of the virus, and I hope I won't get any racist acts again. I know the situation still serious, that's why I still stay at home now.

I love playing with my outfit, it makes me happy during the quarantine!

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