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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Venice Travel Video

Quarantine has hit everyone hard here. We're expecting for summer holiday soon but things seem still far away. We should be in Greece last week but our plan has cancelled because of coronavirus. I don't want to feel disappointed, this is something we didn't expect. Everyone is having the same disappointment.

I should be grateful really. We still can sleep peacefully at night and we just need to stay at home now.

And so I was browsing through my travel memories and found a lot of beautiful videos during our trip last summer. I thought to combine them in one video, one city per video. So everyone can enjoy the view and have a little bit of relaxing feeling during this quarantine. My friends told me that they enjoy looking at my travel IG-story because it makes them being there for that moment. I hope everyone can enjoy this video and feel hopeful.

This video is taken with my phone - Hua Wei P30 and edited with Inshot App. I just want to make everything easy and simple because I hardly have time for sharing any videos on my deserted Youtube channel.

There's some moment in Gondola ride as well. I don't want to make it quick because it was a beautiful experience. The slow pace of Gondola ride really calming. I hope you can feel it too. :)

Please enjoy the video.

You can watch the video directly on Youtube for an HD version. Find a time and relax through the video. Imagine you're in Venice. :D

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