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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sheer Flower Top and Checkered Skirt

This outfit will be one of my favourite outfits for travelling, or to hang out with some friends. Since summer is coming, it's a great option to invest in a skirt. A checkered skirt is perfect for any seasons and great for autumn.

I only bring two shoes to the UK, this is one of them. I love these chunky white sneakers, it's so versatile for any outfit. It's not a sin to turn any style into a more casual look, isn't it? :)

It looks a bit vintage but casually stylish. Besides that, this outfit looks a little bit feminine as well. I put a thin peach makeup without contact lenses for a more natural look. If you can't wear contact lenses, don't worry. You'll look lovely in real life. ;D

Top | Femme Luxe 
Skirt |  Zara 
Shoes | Nike 
Bag | Coach 
Diamond Jewellery | Mom, lol

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