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Friday, May 29, 2020

Furla Handbags from Italy

Hi guys, I just want to share one of my experiences in finding the bag I want. When I researched about the handbags, I found more stories behind the Furla brand. It is an Italian brand and known for its quality leather handbags. Italy made a lot of great leather handbags, and most high-fashioned brands are from Italy. 

I was curious, and then I window-shopped on their website and noticed that they have classy and neat vibes. I fell in love with all the Furla bags because most of their designs are neat and elegant. That's what I was looking for. 

Sadly, I couldn't find any Furla store near me. I should've visited one in Italy. I want to touch the leather.

Furla's most popular bags is their Metropolis crossbody bags. These bags were massively popular. It's simple, chic and versatile. They have the Metropolis with changeable flap, so you can change the flap of your bag with many designs.

However, my favourite is Furla Eye and 1927. I was eyeing for the Furla Eye for long, but I always get lured by the over popular Michael Kors handbags. Well, their handbags are catchy tho! At first, I planned to get a small size Furla Eye in black but ended in buying the medium one in light beige. I don't regret it. :)

My husband was sharp to notice that my birthday was coming in a week. He proposed to get the Furla bags for me. I was uncertain at first because it cost quite a lot, but then I let him presented them for me.

Originally, I wanted to buy Furla Eye, the new Furla 1927 and the Furla Sleek in medium size.

Furla Eye

Furla Sleek

New Furla 1927

However, since I didn't want my husband to spend too much money for me, I chose two bags only. I ended picking the Furla Eye and the classic 1927 instead of the new one. I love them tho!

The classic 1927

The Furla 1927 is a small crossbody bag made of textured leather with a leather strap. It is perfect to wear as a shoulder bag, and the logo is absolutely elegant. My husband advised me to get the classic one instead of the new one because I didn't have any square-shaped bag yet. I heard that the textured leather should last a very long time.

As for the Furla Eye, its leather made from premium smooth leather. If I smell it, it smells like lamb/calf, I don't know precisely. This bag looks really chic but peculiar, I adore it.

Me with the Furla Eye, I love the smooth premium leather!

Me with Furla 1927 in classic - Nero

I'm so happy with both bags and very thankful to my husband. Also, of course, I feel truly grateful to my Father and my dad. :)

I know some people probably think that I should've invested in some luxury handbags like Chanel or Louis Vuitton. But, the thing is; I won't buy bags for an investment. I prefer to invest in something else like property or business and get any bags I like without thinking about investment.

And, I don't buy handbags for a show, I buy something that fits most of my style.

Of course, I adore some luxury handbags – like Gucci and Chanel. I adore Chanel and Dior's history during my Fashion school days – like I'd love to have one of their pieces someday, especial something from Coco Chanel. I don't know if I still could find the vintage one in good condition. I only own some perfumes and makeups from both brands.

I'm a quite sensible and reasonable person. For now, I'm thinking about our settlement more. My well-being and health come first. I will not cut my healthy lifestyle just to buy expensive bags. A bag is just a bag, it doesn't define me. However, what I put into my body reflects later when I'm older. If you follow my Instagram, you should notice that I love to purchase organic foods.

As for the bags, I will buy the bag that I fancy when I can afford it without sacrificing anything. I always live with what I have and try to be mindful. :D

Plus, I don't mind wearing no-brand bags or bags from fast-forwarding fashion brands. Just like what I've said, a bag is just a bag, it doesn't define me. I might wear affordable bags but still looking fabulous. ;)

Below are some bags from Furla which I think are adorable.

The super cute bucket bag

You might want to check the brand if you're looking for a timeless and classy bag. Furla is not as popular as Michael kors or Coach but if you fancy high-fashion vibes, you will get what I mean. :)

Be careful of the fakes, there're many fake Furla Metropolis bags out there.

This post is just for sharing my experiences, thoughts, and opinions. I'm not promoting the brand or whatsoever. All my opinions are honest and based on my own judgement. :)

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