Friday, March 06, 2020

Fashion Coord 0.4 - March

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A white dress is one of the best choices to stay glowing and angelic. Most people would choose black instead of white because they say black looks classier. I think it depends on the style of the dress and the look you want to achieve.

Plus, your personality.

This is a secret, but my husband fell in love with me when I wore a white dress.

For me, white is one of my favourite colours for tops. I own a lot of tops in white colour but only a few pieces of white dresses (besides my wedding gowns). I couldn't think of the reason why I have forgotten white as an option to wear to a party. Mostly, I'd wear white dresses for a casual hang-out only.

This body fit milkmaid dress comes with a body fit style with puffy sleeves. The fit cut on the waist makes it perfect for adding a corset on top of the dress, and voilà, you have a corset dress!

Lace it up

Another signature trend for this year is this lace top with a bow on the neck. I got the pink one because I think it will look so pretty in the cam. It doesn't come with an inner tho, so it's see-through. Make sure to wear it with a bralette or a tank top.

I know for some people, a see-through trend is too much. In some cultures, women are still very conservative. The key to wear without showing too much skin is to layer it with a body fit t-shirt inside—either long or short sleeve.

This trick will make your outfit looks modest instead of 'sexy'.

At first, I thought to get this top in black colour, but I have a lot of black lace tops, including two black lace bodysuit with a long sleeve like this. So, I've decided to give the pink one a go. 

I got the size S (as always), but it seems a little big for me? No, I haven't lost my winter weight completely. The weather in the UK is mostly cold all the time, even at the beginning of March. I almost lose my hope for the spring lol. 

Nevertheless, this pink lace top is unique. 

Opt for something casual

Recently, a criss-cross style is entirely in everywhere. I noticed it in some sweatshirts and sweaters. Even celebrities like Rosé of black pink had worn this casual style once in her concert rehearsal.

It's not the same, but it resembles.

This top looks sporty and casual but chic at the same time. The material isn't from knitted material which I wish it is, but still, this looks so cute.

You can wear it two way, like the picture above or below. The style below shows your shoulders, but the sleeve becomes longer on the arms. I fold the edge of the sleeve a little bit, and I'm good to go out.

For a more sporty and laid back look, I match this top with a jogger. I'd love to pair with any trousers as well; a checkered one will be lovely.

Show some Rust

Rust was omnipresent last year. This burnt orange colour was a trend from 2018 to 2019, and this year isn't going anywhere soon.

It's always recommended to wear brownish or orangeish shade in Autumn, but I think style isn't limited on that claim.

I think this colour will look perfect for any season.

This rust layered crop top will look stunning for my summer holiday. I'll explore a new island, and I'm so excited. I want to pair this with ripped jeans or short for extra height. Or perhaps a skirt for a more feminine look.

This top is super cute, and I didn't expect that. The material comes from a decent fabric. It comes with a thin lining inside so it's not see-through. Most of the crop tops with layered style like this come without lining.

I'm happy with all the clothes I've got from femme luxe, have you ever tried to get one? 

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