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Friday, January 03, 2020

Fashion Co-ords 0.1

This set is my first co-ords of 2020, and there will be more fashion post in the future. Anyway, I'll be making a separate post about life and stuff on my next post. So if you love my fashion post, please keep looking, maybe you'll find some inspiration for your wardrobe. ☺️

Angelic is usually the standard impression on a white coloured tone because white is the colour of purity and innocence. Recently, the Pre-fall 2020 collection is decorated with puff sleeve top and dress; and I don't want to miss the trend this year. I usually didn't follow the recent trend much, but a puff sleeve is one of my favourite sleeve-style, so I must collect some.

This white slinky dress kindly shapes my curve this winter. If you're wondering, slinky material is fit tightly to the lines of the body, so if you want to show your curve, you must wear a slinky dress. I gained some weight this winter, and that's normal because I need to eat a lot to survive the cold.

If you've noticed, I have collected many jumpers and some knitted pieces for surviving the winter in the UK and still looking good in the cold weather. I usually layer it with a coat or winter jacket for extra warmth.

I love the cable-knit-pattern of this pink jumper, and I love the vertical detail below the chest. It makes my body look slimmer despite the chunky style of this jumper dress. I adore the colour as well as it seems so mature for me to wear. Some people avoid pink because they think pink is the colour for kids. I'm afraid I have to disagree with that presumption. I believe that is a saying of people who don't know about a fashion statement deeply.

A woman is allowed to wear pink and still look elegant. It depends on the style, cutting, tone/shade of the pink and the design.

Below is a ribbed midi dress with a low v-neck cut for a casual and relaxed mood. I didn't expect that it'll flatter my body and collar bones, I thought it'd be just okay. I love the cut on my waist because it makes my hip look smaller, lol.

Last but not least from Femme Luxe is this organza crop top with puff sleeve style, with the long strap for the tummy and in black. I was a bit shy to capture this picture because I gained some weight (especially on my belly and the lower part of my body) this winter, and it's hard to not gaining at all.

Even though I was a bit shy, but it didn't stop me from feeling good. A weight gain is usual, especially in winter. As long as I stay healthy and happy, it's more than enough. I do admit that I hold my stomach so that my skin doesn't look sagging on my belly, lol.

I have noticed that many girls love to wear PU leggings lately with glitter crop tops, and sometimes boots. I have both as well because it complements many styles and co-ords, plus it looks cool at the same time.

Which one is your favourite?  :)

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