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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Early December Co-ords

Last month was a lovely month for me because something wonderful had happened, and I couldn't be more grateful. However, we're not going to talk about that on this post. This would be one of my fashion mixes and match for this month.

So let us start with this lovely beige knitted dress from one of my favourite online stores in the UK, Femme Luxe. I finally have a neutral light shade of turtle neck knitted piece to layer with my pink coat! I have two pink coats, and the one I wear in the picture above is one of them.

I like something not too thick for layer, or else I'll look so bulky! This one is perfect, I think. I love the turtleneck part because it looks so sleek. It's hard to find a turtleneck top/dress that looks sleek and perfectly shaped with my short neck, lol.

When I take the coat off and wear the dress alone, it looks elegant with some buttons on the waist. The length of the sleeve fits me as well; I'm satisfied so far.  :)

Remember what I've written in my previous fashion post? That see-through trend is back, and it's hot now in the UK. I've got one white cropped top with this model not too long ago and immediately fell in love, I decided to get the black one as well.

Even though the sleeve part is a bit itchy, but I don't care, lol. You know sometimes you love one particular clothes, and you know you want to have it and wear it, so you think you could bear the itchiness and stay fabulous with the piece. Ok, I'm doomed.

This ripped denim short is from the same retailer. The ripped style is quite funny. When I wear this, my husband said, "Sayang, it looks a bit weird from the side, but well, it suits you."
"I'm always weird, Sayang, so don't worry," I replied. 😳

I love how the size fits my body perfectly! I don't know why. It hugged my waist and my big fat thighs, but despite the size of my thighs, it makes my legs look longer at some angle. I didn't expect that Femme Luxe's bottom piece will be so comfortable for me, size 8 fits me much.

And the last piece for this post is this cute mesh crop top (again), ok don't ask me why I have so many crop tops. I told my husband, I need some reasons why I have to start my exercise, and crop tops are one of them. That means I need to get more.

The sleeve is super cute! Do you see how it looks so fluffy and floating on my arms? It looks like a jellyfish somehow, and I love jellyfish, especially if they're swimming. They look so divine and like a sea goddess. (please bear my wild imagination) ^///^

This season is a season of glitters, and I heard everyone is looking for some new Christmas party dresses. I suggested you get some from Femme Luxe because they have a lot of on-trend stuff that you wouldn't want to miss. Check them out and you'll know what I mean.

Btw, do you like crop tops as well? Which one do you like best? I'll make another fashion post soon. See you later!  :)

xx, Comi

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