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Friday, December 20, 2019

December's Coords!

Recently, I'm so into black. I used to wear black when I was in Uni and was into gothic style. My mom used to call me 'mourning-girl' in that era because of that. It's funny because after I got married, I fancy something black again just because I want to look maturer.

I heard a lot of people say Comi looks so different now. Well, bangs and makeup do make a change.

I think a black dress is a safe option for any occasion, a must-have and a staple in any wardrobe. I'm so fond of this black turtle neck bodycon dress I got from Femme Luxe. I always fancied this kind of a high-neck black dress, well actually I could sew it, but I left all my sewing tools in my parent's house.

I got the size eight if you're wondering. I think I'll stick to that size forever (if I'm not getting bigger).

It's New year soon, and everyone is looking for a bling-bling dress for the night out. I was planning to get a glittered dress but chose this pretty Red Lurex Sparkly Organza Puff Sleeve bodysuit instead.

This bodysuit is so pretty in real life; the sleeve makes it looks extraordinary tho. Btw I don't know why I looked sassy here. 😅

Another piece that I'd like to introduce is this trendy Black Mesh Wide Leg Jumpsuit. This posh jumpsuit seriously makes me look skinnier effortlessly. I should pair this with black heels when going out for extra charm.

I love the flared leg cut; it makes my legs look longer and leaner. Well, it seems like I'm cheating, but that's the trick. 😚

Here's another beautiful bodysuit in rose gold colour. I'm so pleased with this sparkling top. The size fits me well, and it looks so attractive when I pair it with my blue jeans.

I can't wait to wear this outside, it's too bad the weather is freezing now in the UK, but next month I'll visit Indonesia for a holiday, so I'd be thrilled to bring this home. It looks lovely and chic with a blazer tho! Isn't it? ☺️

The last piece from this post is this Black High Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit, yes, it's another bodysuit. I love wearing a bodysuit with jeans or joggers; it makes my body look sleek and chic. Besides that, this bodysuit fits tightly on my body; it's suitable for layering with a coat, jacket or blazer.

Add husband's jacket for a flattering oversized look and chic-street vibes. I love to wear this bodysuit alone, and this top is handy for a mix and match.

Which one is your favourite? Btw do visit their website, it's so Ari. 😍

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