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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Picturesque Montmartre, I shall be back!

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Even though it was raining since the morning, we didn't cancel our plan to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur. It is probably one of the most historical monuments in Paris. The district, Montmartre, is one of the prettiest hill and area that my husband always adore. He said he'll never get enough of Montmartre, and now I know the reason why. 

When the rain has stopped, we immediately went to this top-rated store (for locals) to get a fresh croissant and an eclair. The line was long, and the visitor is 100% regular. We could smell the sweet butter from far and worried the croissant was already sold out. We went to this store one day before, and all the croissants were sold out, so we've decided no matter what happened we must get it.

IT WAS LOVELY, and my husband's favourite now.

After a bite of the croissant, we walked to the station to reach the train. On the way, the rain suddenly fell hard, luckily we prepared our umbrella in advance. But still, my hair turned like shit after the shower, so I wasn't in the mood for photos.

It was near to reach Montmartre from my flat, but we need to climb countless stairs to reach the Basilica. We were out of our breath, my husband kept asking me to make sure I was okay after the rain. He was surprised that I was so persistent that day, and he laughed, he said, "I know why you're like this. It's because this is your favourite city."

I managed to capture this lovely cafe on our way to the top.

The weather that day was terrible, it was raining every 20-30 minutes. I feel like the clouds were angry at me that day. I ruined my mood a bit, but after the sun appeared, everyone was clapping their hands. lol

Our long walk was worth it. The view from the Basilica is breathtaking. I couldn't speak for a while, and busy indulged my eyes with the beautiful landscape of Paris from Montmartre.

Please excuse my unstyled messy hair.  :(

Had our Eclair after the rain, it tasted great!

There's always sunshine after the rain, and it was happening at that time. After I saw this fantastic view, my mood had suddenly gone up as I admire the beautiful sky, clouds and the city.

Prettier in real life, I swear. It's surreal.

The rain suddenly hit us again after I took this picture. We went inside the Basilica, prayed and sit for a while. We bought some souvenirs as a memento. Do you know that Montmartre label is from the mount of the martyr? Because there were many martyrs killed there in the past. It was a tragic history, but somehow hopeful.

Sacre Coeur Basilica

The unique dome of the basilica that makes it looks like a mosque from far away. 

I never really into jeans before, but ever since I live in the UK I started to collect more so I have a more extensive choice of outfit in the future. 

Because the weather incredibly sucked that day, we went inside the Basilica many times to sheltered us from the heavily walking rain.

We then walked to explore the area of Montmartre, passed the popular Place du Terre and looked around for a place to have lunch. Weirdly, the heavy rain was coming no more.

I couldn't stop admiring at every little detail here, my husband said he was confident that Montmartre will be my most favourite place in Paris, and I think he was right. I can see why many famous artists were gathered here in old times. 

One thing I really love about this place is all the details I saw on the road! The architecture, the painting, the drawing, the narrow alley and all the small village atmosphere is so artsy that instantly made me think that I'd love to settle down here.

As a design student and art enthusiast, I feel that Montmartre has its own charm to draw people with an artistic side inside them. It's hard to not fall in love with this small hill. 

Not long, we decided to have our lunch in this cute fancy restaurant, the decorations outside is so 'millésime' and French. 

We ordered a lunch set containing appetiser, main course and dessert. We had the same main course but different appetiser and dessert.

My appetiser was a Smoked Salmon with toasts.

Husband's was Escargot with Basil

We ordered the same main course, a rib-eye steak with french fries and salads. Bon appetite!

Husband ordered Tiramisu, it was yummy!

Mine was Lemon and Lime sorbet, I love them as a dessert after the big steak.

I honestly think this area is the most romantic and excellent place you’ll find in Paris. To visit Montmartre has positively inspired me and wake the artist in me up. I find the urge to grab my painting brush and paint again on my white canvas, it was the feeling that has lost for a long time.

La Maison Rose

The above picture is the lovely La Maison Rose cafe. We've planned to visit this cafe, but we were too late that day as they already closed by the time we arrived there. Hopefully, next time, when I revisit Paris.

Le Moulin de la Galette

Have you ever seen the painting by Van Gogh and Renoir about the Moulin de la Galette? Both of them are my favourite artists, and their work is always fascinating for me. Le Moulin de la Galette was immortalised by them in painting and was a popular spot for artists and writers back then in 1834. Now, it's one of Monmartre's most popular eateries. It serves classic french dining in a cosy dining room or a terrace.

Many famous painters have for a long time made Montmartre their home, met up in cafes and busied themselves in the many artists’ studios on the hill. When I think about it, it seems like a perfect environment for me to live when I was younger and

As we walked back to the Basilica, the cloudy sky started to share its light and shone the hill, served us with this magnificent painting up there. Everyone gasped as they looked up, at this stunning masterpiece by God.

It was the perfect timing, maybe we couldn't experience this moment again next time. What you see in the picture below is what I saw that day from the top of Montmartre, believe me, it's more beautiful in real. No camera could capture the very best detail, dimension and colour than our eyes created by God.

We were there until the park has closed, the keeper was telling us that the park is closing and he was kindly following us behind and waited when we took some photos for the last time. He then quickly locked the gate and left us gazing through the fence hole, I guess he understands very well that it was hard for us to leave this place.

See you again Montmartre, thanks for the memories, and I shall be back.  :)

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