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Sunday, October 27, 2019

October Fashion Coordinate

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Hey gurls, I just got back from my autumn holiday in East Europe. On my day to Kutna Hora (above), I wore a shirt dress from Femme Luxe and pair it with my favourite body harness I bought in Tokyo. Plus a dark blue legging and my lovely white sneakers for an ultimate casual look, but still looked trendy.

I got some new pieces as well but didn't bring them to my trip (except the loungewear) because the weather is usually changing very quickly, and I prefer to bring something to make me warm.

This little White Dresses with ribbon on the chest is super pretty and elegant. The fabric is thick and stretchable, so it wouldn't be a problem if I gain some weight in the future. I love how it shapes my big waist.

I would love to have Lace bodysuits and Mesh Dress from Femme Luxe as well someday, especially in the summer. All their collections are super cute and hot. 
The weather turns freezing in the UK since September. The day is starting to be shorter than the night now in October. This morning hit 5°, it's freezing even until now (3 pm).

This little black dress (with belt) is perfect if you want to look classy but edgy at the same time. It comes with long sleeves, so this dress is great to cover some fat in my arms and keep me warm.

Aside from the shirt dress, I also bring this casual Co-Ords to wear inside our flat. The material is soft and comfortable to wear, even when I sleep. It keeps me warm because the legging is tightly stuck to my skin. 

There're other styles of loungewear, and they usually provide other colour choices as well.

I'm planning to get the other colour next time, their loungewear is comfortable to wear at home, and looks chic to wear outside. I wouldn't mind going hang out with this co-ords sometimes.

These pictures were taken at my flat in Vienna. My husband loves all the pieces I've got from Femme Luxe so far, and this one is no exception. I hope to get more for this autumn-winter as the weather is getting cold, so I need something warmer and comfortable to wear outside.

So what do you think of them? What do you like to wear for Autumn & Winter?   :)

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