Sunday, March 10, 2019

Scent and Soul Hot Water Bottle Review

A few weeks ago, James from Scent and Soul sent me this Hot Water Bottle to try out. I've been suffering from chronic low back pain for a year. I'm hoping this would ease the pain a bit.

At first, I was quite shocked because the size is a lot bigger than what I've expected. It comes with a pretty pink fur cover which is 63cm long with pink ties. This hot water bottle was designed to ease the pain on targeted areas and keep us warm during the cold season.

The bottle was made from natural rubber which meets British standard (BS1970-2012) to ensure safety for children and adults. I was a bit sceptical about this product, but since it is made in the UK so I guess it must be safe and good.

6 different colours to choose, for old or young, female or male.

The material for the bottle cover is made from soft plush fur, it comes in 5 different colours and 1 knitted design. I've got the dusty pink one, it's so soft and pretty.

I had done a bit of research about this product before I accepted it, I won't receive gifted items if I wasn't sure about the quality of the product. And I won't accept the product which isn't useful for me, for example, a product that'd be useless for my daily life.

When I got the product, I was curious about how it might be useful for me, to be honest, this is my first hot water bottle! I'm not used to the weather in the UK yet, it's stressfully freezing for me until now. Somehow, the weather makes my low back pain more painful, especially in the winter.

It's easy to fill the hot water bottle for the first time (like me), the secure and watertight screw top also good to minimize the risk of leakage while using it on my low back. I've been using this for a couple of times a day and loving it. The length of the bottle could cover my entire neck as well, I'm delighted.

One thing I should tell you to make this hot water bottle last forever and safe for anyone to use is don't use boiling water directly from a kettle to fill it. The super hot water which you're using to fill the bottle will slowly rip the rubber down, later it'll be dangerous to use.

 please excuse my belly fat ///

I think besides the many usages of this product, overall it's a lovely gift for your friends and family. It comes with more than one colour to choose, for men or women.

My husband was felt a bit unwell yesterday. He sneezed a couple of times before I put the hot bottle around his neck. He said it gave him warmth and he liked it.

I love to put it near my feet as well as it keeps my feet warm all night.

Btw, I've got an offer to share with you guys, you can purchase this hot water bottle in this website and get 10% discount on your checkout when you use my code: COMINICA10. The company ship worldwide so you don't need to worry if you're not living in the UK! Please do share with me if you try this product as well!



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