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Monday, March 18, 2019

Fashion Style ?

After moving to the UK, there are so many things I should adapt to fit in here. For example, the weather. When you visit four seasons country for a trip or holiday, it feels okay to enjoy the cold weather once in a while. But when you live in the country, it not the same.

Firstly, I have to adjust to the weather and keep doing many activities like the usual. It's not easy because when I arrived here, it was the beginning of autumn.

I can't wear my daily clothes I used to wear when I live in Indonesia. I love to wear a short skirt and thin dress, but here, I can't for the sake of keeping my body warm. I bring many sweaters and sweatshirts, but I want something new as well.

Then femmeluxefinery found me. I checked through all their collections before I decided to get one. I found that this is the kind of style that I never really explored before. Femmeluxefinery has many ribbed and knitted loungewear sets, and leggings to add to my   co-ords.

I asked Mat's opinion about some clothes on the website. He was like, "I think you'll look great in those outfits".

I thought It wasn't a bad idea to wear something more suitable for the weather in the UK and try other fashion styles.

I fell in love with this set at first sight. The reason is the pink colour. Besides that, it looks so cute and comfy. This set is something I'd wear daily at home, go to the gym or something casual I'd wear outside to grocery shopping. It's stylish, sporty and catchy.

At first, I was overwhelmed with all their collections because most of them were something I never tried to wear before. I was excited because I was going to add more pieces to my collection.

Who doesn't love new clothes?!

I've chosen two bodycon dresses, one loungewear set  and one faux leather legging.

I checked all the fabric when the package has arrived. I want to be sure that all the clothes are in good condition. And they are! I don't have any objection as I fancy all of them so much.

I've never thought this dress will look good on me, to be honest, I rarely wear a bodycon dress because I wasn't into sexy style. But, this dress looks gorgeous. I think I'm in love!

I'm a married woman, I thought perhaps, I should change my style a little bit to look maturer. I still love Kawaii tho, but I think maybe I won't wear them quite often anymore. I left most of my usual style in my parent's house, so I can't wear them for a while. 

In the UK, people think I'm around 20-25ish. Perhaps with a little touch of style, I'll look more like an adult.

I've got one high waist faux leather legging for a more luscious look. I always think faux leather is not something I'd wear because it looks edgy. The edgy style is something I don't fancy.

I tried to coordinate it with a basic high neck soft pink top to make it less edgy. The result surprised me, that'd be something I'd wear anytime.

Legging is something I rarely wear in my hometown because of the hot weather. The last time I had this kind of faux leather legging in my wardrobe was when I went to fashion school (before I was into Gyaru & Kawaii style).

In the UK, this kind of legging is so in and trendy. All women wear legging almost every day here, well, blame the weather. Most of them got a fit body so they'd love to show more of what they've got in their fashion.

I could feel the motivation to become fitter, but the weather put me off all the time, I feel like to pile up my self with blankets every day.

Diet is easier in Indonesia.

So what do you think? I know this kind of style is something I rarely wear before, but I'm interested in exploring more. Moreover, I've got a bunch of clothes from many different brands as well, and I can't wait to wear them soon when the weather becomes friendlier!



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