Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Many people asked me, is Matthew (Matius) my soulmate?

Honestly, yes. I didn't mean to boast it or act like this is an achievement for me, but I know this is a valuable topic for some people. I know not everyone agrees with the concept of soulmate, It could be because they never found one or they just don't want to agree with that concept.

I've never rejected the concept of a soulmate. But this was a luxury for me because 'the old me' thought I'd never have a soulmate, it was impossible. There were many guys approached me, some of them were quite close to me but I knew it wasn't them. At that time, I was strangled with the fact that my age was quite worrying for my parents. I knew they wanted me to have a life partner.

On the one hand, I want to make them happy, on the other hand, I also want to be happy. I know that my decision will be for a lifetime, this person that I'd choose is the one who will always be with me forever. He will accompany me longer than my parents. I didn't want to be careless.

Of course, the reality and the pressure of some people around me didn't affect me at all, it didn't make me accept any man who approached me.

I was very selective .. not because of the material he possessed or their physical form, but the exclusive connection that only I can feel if he is the one for me.

Sometimes i thought maybe my soulmate didn't exist, or i have met him but i rejected him already (lol). But my intuition whispered that he is coming to pick me up soon.

My story with Matthew is complex and complicated, a lot of tears and disappointments. Because we're both a different person, we have a different way to communicate. Even though he's my soulmate, there are still some things that can trigger a quarrel between us because of the misunderstandings.

No one can really predict when soulmate will meet. I felt that when my soul is ready to meet his, it'd be mystical and magical. That's why I had an intuition 1 year before I met him. And when we met, our chemistry was unexplainable. It was like right from the start I know that there will be something special about him.

When I'm with him, I'm soothed by his presence and even though we both lapse into silence we don't feel awkward. It was weird but I could see my future with him, he was very direct to me. He told me about his plans and why he was certain why he wanted me.

I believe in destiny. Destiny made me and Matthew found each other and it gave us the opportunity to grow as a people and learned valuable lessons. We believe that our souls are connected no matter how far the distance, I dislike LDR but this connection made me believe that I can get through it.

In my experience, a soulmate is sometimes an unexpected person in our life and when we meet we feel this unbreakable bond which hides true love. It could be someone you think as a friend or family. Or a complete stranger like me and Matthew.

It will take time but if you both have faith (like us), have courage and desire to find your other half, and you believe God will find the best time to show you both the path. I'm sure, they will come to your life when the time is right but you need to have the courage and be ready to accept your other half completely.

Matthew is the one I love even when he is not so lovable. He is someone I want to stay commited to and I'm sure he's the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life. And no matter how he annoys me or hurts me, I think I will always love him. He is someone whom I feel an unconditional love for. And I know his love for me is genuine and irreplaceable, he definitely thinks the same as me.

I love you, sayang.

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