Monday, March 19, 2018


Dentist is the least place I'd go, I really hate go to a Dentist. I never look forward to a dental appointment, just being examined can make me feel stressed. I don't know if I have a dental phobia or not, but I always thought a dental visit is really terrifying. I always avoid to go to Dentist and that makes my teeth turns discolored and damaged..

It makes me insecure to smile and sometimes I feel embarrassed if someone talk about how my teeth look, especially about the discoloration for sure. I still remember who they are lol

Sometimes I force my self to go when I can feel the pain but I always have trouble to sleep the night before, haha. This alsoe applies to my whitening experience at Jakarta Smile, I WAS SO SCARED..

I braved my self for the sake of whiter teeth so I'll look good in my photoshoot next week.. :(

Jakarta Smile has many branches in Jakarta and I went to the one in Plaza Atrium, Senen. I was handled by Dr. Dinda, she treated me with patience and delicateness, because that was exactly what I need. 

Sometimes the dentist could be reaaally cold and took my fear cheaply. I still remember some horrors I've gone through with intense fear and panic attack, I barely can move my jaw. Those with dental anxiety will know what it feels like T___T

People may think I was exaggerating but I think a good Dentist should be taken this kind of condition seriously and with extra kindness, lol.

I told Dr. Dinda about my feelings, concerns and fears. She help me to overcome my feelings, she even changed the way she treated me when my saliva flooding all over my mouth and disturbing the entire whitening process. Thanks Dr Dinda :D

you may notice that I was sweating all over my face and body during the process, I was so anxious and afraid :/

I tried to relax and brave my self through the entire process and soooo happy with the result!

Here are some pictures of the BEFORE - AFTER,

Kindly watch the video below, it's in Bahasa but you probably can grasp the process just by watching through the entire clip. See ya!


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