Sunday, March 11, 2018

Arra Top Face Snail Soothing Gel

A skin care derived from Snail was such a hit years ago, it says snail mucin can do everything from fading dark spots and scars also for battling acne. As a beauty enthusiast, I'm wiling to try pretty much anything in the name of beauty, but I admit I'm being a little bit grossed out about this ingredients.

My brother purchased this product a month ago during his trip to Bangkok. He said this product is quite popular there and contain snail slime. He was kinda skeptical as this product is quite cheap, I wonder if this product really contain anything from snail?

Claim that this product contains snail slime filtrate excellent, I can assume it's not actually comes directly from Snail but maybe just a similar properties in it. It also claims to have skin soothing effect and effective in moisturizing.

Snail soothing gel quickly absorbed into the roughened skin to be effective in retaining moisture in the skin to keep the skin moist.

The texture of this gel is super light, when I spread it on my skin it feels like spreading a water. The gel soothe my skin and makes it feel smooth (at first). But only for a second my skin turns soo tight and dry. I think this gel is suit for people with Oily skin. Not for people with normal-dry skin like me.

I always wonder why skin care from Korea always have a pleasant scent? I'm not a fan of scented skin care now..  just a slight scent that's ok. I don't say this product has a bad smell, in contrary it smells nice. It just not for me. My skin is sensitive so I avoid anything scented too much because it could irritate my skin.

What I like about this gel is it contains no paraben, no artificial coloring, no mineral oil and no benzophenone, so I guess it's safe to use for all skin types except dry skin.

I supposed to apply this gel as the last part of my skin care routine but I use this gel whenever I feel my skin is rough and red. Especially if I feel itch on my skin, this gel helps to calm it. I wonder if this gel works really good if I bring it to the beach?

My skin tends to become super sensitive under the heat, it'll develop some redness and skin rash. I guess the soothing effect of this gel will be pretty amazing at that time.

The gel is quickly absorbed into my skin, leaves my skin feels smooth but tight. I don't notice any moisturizing properties in this gel so my conclusion is this gel isn't good if you have dry skin.

But I admit this gel really does it names, it soothes my skin when the redness and breakout appears. It just I need to put extra cream after so my skin doesn't feel sooo stiff.

Would I repurchase? No, I always prefer something moisturizing on my skin. And I mostly in AC room / for 24 hours so I rarely hit the sun directly (except if I'm going to the sea). The container contains a lot of Gel so I split some of it into smaller jars and put it in the refrigerator for extra coolness whenever I need it!

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