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Friday, February 02, 2018


I know this is a (kind of) late post about my engagement day because this was happen on December 20th 2017. The date is exactly one year after we know each other and fyi we didn't plan on specific date because we were waiting for my parents information about the "good date" for our special day.

If you've followed me on Instagram, you should know this news already. :)

In Chinese culture, we usually need a "good date" for any special date and it's sometimes based on our Shio / Chinese zodiac. That night at our dinner my parents suddenly told us about the best date for our engagement day. And it's on December 20th 2017. 

My fiance was a little bit surprised that time, he told me about the date when we knew each other. It's on December 20th 2016, one month after I came back from Melbourne. That date was the 1st time we talked to each other lol.

And we didn't have what people consider as a romantic proposal, like a proposal at a 5 star restaurant or abroad. Because at the very start of our relationship, we've talked too deep and he has planned about many things already, so we forgot about a conventional thing like that and it doesn't interest us.

When some friends asked me about the "I do" moment, I said, "it just happened naturally and no 'I do' moment I think.. ", leave them confused. haha

The story about how-it-goes-so-fast was a really long one, I probably could write a book haha so I'll skip this part.

Below is a short documentation about my engagement day, I want to keep it so I can see this video in the future and there'll be no I-accidentally-lost-all-my-data-in-my-hard-disk moment.

Kindly watch the short documentation about my special day! Hope you guys enjoy it!

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