Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ba Yu Horse Oil Face Mask in Cherry Blossom

Have you ever heard about Horse Oil? At first (before I purchased this item), I thought Horse Oil isn't literally a 'Horse' Oil but they just made the name so it sounds special.. But lately I just found that this miracle oil is derived from Horses..

So what is Horse Oil?

Horse Oil was used in the days of ancient China as a "medicine" to treat burns, insect bites and even hair loss. This oil is easily absorbed by our skin because the properties are similar to the oil that naturally produced by human skin. It's safe for people of all ages, including infants. 

In Hokkaido, horse oil is very popular. It works great as a moiturizing agent and protect the skin from dryness. Horses are regularly farmed and raised for their meat in Japan, which is served in the form of basashi (raw horse), and their oil is a byproduct of this process. Horse Oil is made by extracting the oils from Horse's fat and they are not slaughtered solely for skincare products.

Honestly I don't really like the idea of using something from animal on my face but I guess this is not new nowadays. I've made many research to make sure that extraction of the oil is not harmful to the horse or else I'd throw away the face mask. I know that Japanese people is serious about the safety standard of their product. I like the fact that they're monitored by Public Health Department and they treat their food stock really well. 

100% made in Japan!

I was at a gift store that time, we stopped to enjoy Mount Fuji from the highest bus stop and we still have like 1 hour to strolling and shopping. This face mask caught my attention because of its beautiful packaging lol.

I'm a fan of Horse Oil Shampoo, if anyone ask me about my HG Shampoo I think the answer is the Horse Oil Shampoo from Hokkaido. You can find them anywhere if you're in Mount Fuji area, I found mine at the Onsen!

That was the main reason why I decided to try this mask (even though I don't know anything about Horse Oil). It simply because it does a wonder job to my dry hair. When your hair always dry because of chemical, you really can feel it if there's a slightly change in your hair texture.

I was hoping that I'd get the same great result with the Horse Oil in my Face mask, and guess what? It does!

The essence in the Face Mask is really really watery. Despite of that it moisturizes my skin without make it super greasy like other face mask does. It just you need to pay attention to the dripping essence because personally I don't like to waste any single drop of it.


It has a soft cherry blossom scent. I like the fact that it doesn't contain any alcohol in it (if I'm not wrong) so I can breath freely when I'm covering my face with the mask.


The layout of the mask is fit really well to my face. Another plus fact is, It'svmade from 100% cotton; safe and natural for our skin.

And because it's thick, I can wash and reuse the mask again for another essence or beauty serum.


It keeps my skin moist and reduce the redness on my skin. Sometimes when my schedule is super hectic, I tend to stay awake all night because of my insomnia. And my skin becomes to look like shit and gets bumpy everywhere.

This mask helps to calm my skin and makes it more elastic. I can notice that it also makes my skin glows naturally.

Each pack of Horse Oil (Bayu) Face Mask contains 25 ml of essence and can be use twice.

I bought 5 packs in 1 box for ¥1000, I can use them for 20 times/days straight.

It does moisture; hydrates my skin without makes it feels greasy. My small bumps disappear step by step and my skin looks clearer.

A moisturizing face mask that isn't greasy and could soften the skin appearance. The skin absorbs the essence quickly and leaves skin look younger. It fixes skin texture; bumpy, breakouts, etc.

(You may need specific product to support the healing of your skin; acne, wrinkles, dark spots, etc.)

Would I repurchase?
Of course!

Since I am poor, the fact that I can use one pack of the mask for more than once is really a blessing, lol.

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