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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunny Day

Sometimes I want to dress up a bit sophisticated because I want to see if I can pull it off or not. What do you think?  I was meeting my best friends from uni so I guess I need to wear something more adult-like LOL.

That day was super superr hot and I can't stop sweating while posing -_-"' so please excuse my unglam hair haha.

I really love this open-back white shirt, the back is really cute! It's a bit revealing tho but who cares, haha.

top | zara
bottom exectuve
shoes ck
bag elle

Btw, last week I stayed in a hospital for 7 days because I was sick. I really hate hospital but my mom wanted me to stay there as soon as they knew the result of my blood test. It was a Dengue fever and if not treated right the disease could develops into the life-threatening Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, I probably could die.

But my condition was not bad, all the doctors said my body is strong enough to handle the virus. I guess that because I consume multivitamins and go to gym regularly before I got the virus in my body.

And you know, I celebrated my Birthday in the hospital, haha. It was unexpected at all. I'm still recovering at home now, my body is getting fitter! I hope I can start go to work tomorrow and exercise again soon. :)

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