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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I never thought that my smile would lighten up your soul.
You who came from the land of melody, hide your sting under God's blessing.
Offering innocent love, showered by dazzling opportunities.

That unexpected moment when we met, it starts with prejudice.
Our mind flow in the same rotation, we both completely novice.
You who dropped sorrows, attracted by my oddity.
Tasted my blend of whimsy and serenity.

For the unimaginable misery, we may dance.
For the uncommon encounter, we may praise.
For the unspoken word, we may laugh.
For the unintentional doubt, we may sought.

Today will be left,
and tomorrow will be now.
Hey you take me to the la la land.
So that the rabbit should leave the moon soon, 
but hey you need to pay the bill.

shirt / olivedesolive
skirt / olivedesolive
bag / elle

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