Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tanjung Bira Days and Reflections

As Indonesian, I'm proud of my own country. We have so many exotic beaches and Indonesia is an archipelago with many, many islands! No matter where you go, you can always find an island to explore. 

Just like when I visited Makassar with my sister, we decided to join car to Tanjung Bira. We already booked hotel for 3 nights in Bara Beach Bungalow via Agoda. A small resort with direct access to white palm beach. Our main purpose is to relaxed and snorkeling.

I love how private this beach is because this resort is located at the very end of the road. The visitors are all tourist from Spain and Korea. I wonder how they found this little place! lol

I love beaches and need vitamin sea at least once every year. Beach is the best therapy I could get. The waves of the sea help me get back to my usual self. 

That feeling when I step on the warm sand and walking through seashore, shake a bit of the sand from my sandals.. it feels great! My soul is at home. :)

We planed for two snorkeling sessions, I don't really remember where.. but I think they are Liukang loe and Goat Island (Pulau Kambing). I swam in the sea and observed the life under water, the water is very clear here. 

These kids joined me for a photo session, hahaha. They are so cheerful, they thought I'm a tourist because of my hair and skin. Had fun talking with them even though I didn't fully understand what they've said, cos I think they talk in their local language. Super cute!

Say hi to the sea, sun and salty wind! :)

There's a big rock near the resort, that day was 100% Sunny and we were playing near the beach and took some photos. I love serene beach vibes, it makes me relax and alive.

Sometimes everything isn't goes the way we planned. People around you may not all be wise enough to see positive possibility in you. They won't allow you to become your best self. They will insult and let you down. They would put their standard to you. And you will feel like you're not belong in this world.

No matter how hard and how other people see you, don't ever lose trust in your self. You don't live for them, you live for your self. :)

People may judge you by the way you look. Your hair color, your skin, the way you put your make up, the way you dress up, the way you walk, your job, even the way you speak or brand you wear.

Forgive them because they fail to judge themselves.

Living in this circle, I heard many stories about how your own people mentally mistreated you and most of them labeled themselves as your people. 

We can't choose whether we could born in what kind of circumstances, instead of blame them, be grateful and never lose hope.

Life is a big mystery for me, every day; I'm excited of many possibilities in this life. Instead of looking back and feel misery, look forward to the future. Gravitate around those who bring the best in you and believe in you. :)

When people misunderstand you and they don't let you talk, just let them be. Mom said, silent is gold and I learned that I need to keep my mouth closed because sometimes no words can explain what's going in my mind and heart. And I learned that not all people are ready to hear my way of thinking..

Being an INFJ always get me accused of being bipolar or just a weird person. When people couldn't understand you; they get afraid and think you are the root of the problem they have.

Understanding is a luxurious thing for me; it's in me but I rarely get it. I stopped explaining my self when I realized people only understand from their level of perception and leave misconception..

I'm very grateful because my parents and us, we have an understanding relationship for years.. We might not show it, we might not say it, but our hearts understand. This is a hard work from all of us; as a family.

When I start to understand small things; I realized that every one born to this world with their own purpose and they have their own beauty. Don't disregard your self, you are worth more than a diamond than you ever realized. Cheer up! :)

We are just a human being, we are not perfect, we hurt people, we did mistakes. But mistakes have the power to turn us into something better than yesterday. Admit your mistakes, learn about your mistakes and move on. Your mistakes will turn into a lesson and experience.

I made a lot of mistakes but that's what makes me today.

"The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything",- T. Roosevelt.

The Moon and the Sea, they know all my secret. I love my solitude times near the sea, that's what my soul needs. Whenever I feel lost I want to visit the Sea, I learn many things during my visit in Tanjung Bira. Fairness.. is rare nowadays.

The days I've spent there was precious. I let the breeze and sun ease my restlessness. Keep trying because you'll never know what happen next.

Remember, good or bad, what you plant now, you will harvest later. Be kind and patient. Have a good day people!

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