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Monday, March 06, 2017

Hello Sunshine!

Hello guys, sorry for my long hiatus! Should I say that I'm finally back? Haha, I don't know why but I think I can't leave my Blog forever.  It's like part of me, I grow with my Blog. How can I leave it like 'duh' ? lol

Many things happened recently since few months ago. I've been to Melbourne for few months and didn't join AFA, I deleted my public Facebook account and Twitter. Well, I can't explain why but I am very confused with this life, it's very tiring if I live by thinking about what other people think of me. And as an Introvert, it's not easy to let people in, lol but I learned..

WELL, So what I'm doing now?

I'm working for my Dad's business by my own decision. Me and Vina, we have a plan to make everything more systematic and easier for our parents (now we have been applied one by one). And of course, we need to discuss with Dad and do everything carefully and slowly. It's not an easy decision because I don't understand this business at all.. but I'm learning patiently.. :)

All events that happening in my life is a blessing from God, I should be grateful. I've learned so many things in Melbourne, can't say all is beautiful but I got so many precious memories there. I would love to visit that city again and meet my uncle's family.

Okay, enough about my job. Believe me it's a boring job but the challenge to develop the business is exciting! 

Actually I have one private Facebook account for networking, mostly for Best Friends, acquaintances, clients, etc and mainly to see cute dogs / cats LOL. Also, I'm recovering my pages back to share my Blog post again. Kindly like it to follow my updates. :>

And as you can see, I have a medium Black Hair at the moment. The reason is, I get bored with my light hair and decided to stay Black/Dark for few months. And cut+thin my hair as well so I don't spend a lot of time to get ready now. Haha, feels good actually! Now I'm super super busy because of my job and sometimes I need to get ready in less than 30 minutes :8

Yesterday I tried the new Instagram's LIVE feature, lol. It's quite fun, I think I like it. And someone asked me about my Blog plus Outfit post, so here it is.. 

I love wearing long dress because it makes me taller. 

Btw, if you're wondering, I gained weight about 5-7 kg after back from Melbourne LOL I think I need to get fit really soon.

Do you love this coordination? Btw, I'm selling some preloved stuffs on Instagram (for Indonesian only). 
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