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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Skinfood Pore Fit Cushion Bottle SPF50+ PA+++

Hi girls, now I'm going to share about a new foundation I got from Skinfood. I'm looking for a daily foundation and this caught my eyes because of it's 'unique' bottle. Besides that, 'healthy looking skin' is written on the bottle and it makes me curious.

Well, let's take a look!

✧ Highlights ✧
A refreshing, longwear cushion bottle foundation that cools heat-stressed enlarged pores.

✧ Packaging ✧
This Cushion bottle is basically new invention foundation in a bottle with a Cushion inside. I always love Skinfood's packaging because they all well designed! This foundation also, is interesting but a little bit annoying if I'm in a rush, lol.

✧ How to use ✧
1. Toggle the bottle switch to "ON".
2. Shake the bottle for 10 seconds.
3. Open cap and use the built in cushion to pump the top.
4. Pump the top 4-5 times to dispense product with the cushion on top!
5. When finished, close cap and toggle the bottle switch to "OFF".
* Make sure cap is closed. Do not spray when cap is open.

✧ Formula ✧
 This foundation has a pore care formula that helps control oil for an all day smooth and produce even finish. It contains Vita Complex and Alaska Glaciel Water which are good for my stressed pores. It feels so cool and refreshing on my skin. I feel the foundation helps my pores to tighten during the application so the result is matte and clean.

To be honest I don't have oily skin, my skin type is combination but more dry rather than oily. I have quite large pores around nose, so the formula is really promising for me. It does helps my T-zone to not look shiny and doesn't dries out my cheek area.

(Before) - My natural skin with acne scars and some freckles. I got some small pimples after back from my vacation but it doesn't shown on the picture. 

(After) - Natural and healthy looking skin, the foundation gives result that looks like my own skin with more flawless look. Most people failed to recognized that I wear any make up on my skin.

The texture is rather watery and sheer but it's good for even out my skin tone. If you have many acne scars and freckles just like me this may not gives full coverage for your skin! But I'm happy with the result because it looks so natural just like my own skin and more over it feels refreshing on the skin.

And as long as I can see the effect on my skin doesn't stay too long, probably around 5 - 7 hours and after that I need some touch up, but it doesn't bother me too much. This foundation is perfect for daily wear because it feels so light on my skin, I humbly love it. ♥♥♥

✧ Shade ✧
This Vita water foundation comes with two shade selections. I got the number 1 shade. I'm glad that the shade is super similar to my skin tone!

✧ Pros ✧
- Has a COOL and REFRESHING effect on my skin.
- Tighten my pores.
- Matte, fresh healthy skin result.
- Light and doesn't break my skin out.
- Has SPF.

✧ Cons ✧
- Can't completely cover scars on the skin.
- Need some touch ups for all day wear.
- Bulky to carry around.

✧ Where to purchase ✧
I got all my Skinfood products from Skinfood Indonesia, you can check out all their stores at some Malls. Or if you're lazy, you can purchase them from Nihonmart. Kindly check their account on Instagram! <--

It is a very good lightweight foundation for everyday wear. It has Cool and friendly formula for skin with large pores. The result of it is like my own skin with natural seamless coverage. I think it is friendly for people with Dry Skin too, but if you're looking for a foundation/bb cream that gives dewy result, sorry this is not for you. But if you're looking for a daily foundation with fresh and natural result, you should consider getting this Pore Fit Cushion Bottle (especially if you love Korean make up). :)

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