Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pocky & Pretz Day! 11.11

Hello everyone, do you know about Pocky and Pretz? Pocky and Pretz are popular snack from Japan created by Ezaki Glico. Pocky and Pretz have that iconic stick-shaped that resemble Number 1.

(left; Pocky, right; Glico)

With that concept, Ezaki Glico holds a customer appreciation day with a fun events and promotion called Pocky & Pretz Day on November 11th, every year. The day has been officially certified in Japan by the Japan Anniversary Association, and is registered as a commemorative day. Cool huh? Anything could happen in Japan lol.

Last week, I went to Japan with Poppy (from Bblog), Lavina (from PockyID), Via from Cosmopolitan, Tia from Cosmogirl and two bloggers Elle & Jess. We were there to learn more about Glico company, I was so excited because Pocky is one of my favourite snack from Japan.

The last day which is on 11.11 we visited some places to see how people celebrate Pocky Day's in Japan. 1st place was Waseda University, we visited a store to see how they decorate it with all Pocky stuffs! 

And there is a photo corner with some cute accessories and Pocky balloons. Everyone can take photo there to celebrate Pocky Day and upload it to our social media! Lol Ok I looked awkward. 

After that we visited a big supermarket to see Glico's booth and the promotion. Don't you feel like buy them all? 0:>

Btw, have you watched the new Pocky CM? They collaborated with The J-Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, I really love the song! It stucked on my mind ahhaha, check it out and dance along them, it's fun.

I love the "Share Happi" concept from Pocky. In Japan if you buy 1 box of Pocky, you get two bags inside the box. And each bag contains enough Pocky to share with your friends and families. Pocky has many flavours to try, from the original chocolate one to the unique 'Azuki' flavour!

Pocky also held a Dance Contest and many teenagers joined the contest in Roppongi (where the Pocky day event was held). It was so festive and energetic, we wanted to join the event too but it was too crowded so we skipped it.

On November 11th, 'Pocky' officially broke the world record for the most-tweeted brand name on Twitter within a 24-hour period. That's because everyone from all around the world join the crowd to celebrate Pocky Day via Twitter!

Did you join? :)

Before my flight back to Jakarta, I had my lunch at Sushi Zanmai with the team in Tsukiji. It was good and lovely! I love Uni the most! ;D

I bought some snacks too, some are from Glico (I got some from Glico's staff too! Thank you!) and some Tokyo Banana cos my brother wants it, lol. I bought The Pocky Rainbow, Pocky Winter edition, Pocky Azuki, some Glico's Almonds from Glicoya Kitchen, One Piece Monster Book (Pretz) and two One Piece themed snack, Pucchinpurin and Kit Kat in Wasabi flavour. Japanese snack is the the best ne!

Ladies~~ next year let's celebrate the Pocky Day's together okay? I would love to see everyone join the stream on Twitter with the #Pocky hashtag. If you're having your Pocky now, don't forget to share it on your social media too and put the hashtag. :)

Btw, kindly Like and support Pocky Indonesia's page, link below~

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