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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Day in Osaka (Glico Japan Trip Day 1)

Few weeks ago, I went to Japan to visit GLICO company. I was invited by Poppy (thanks Poppy!) to join this project. This trip is to learn about Glico and enjoy Osaka and Tokyo. 

I remembered last year, I wish that I could come back again to Japan this year in Autumn season and it comes true! Autumn is so beautiful.. I can't even..

This is my first trip without my sister, oh I wish I could bring her along too to see the Red leaves! But never mind, we still have plenty of times ahead~ :)

First stop, we visited Osaka Castle. I have been to Osaka castle in Spring but never in Autumn, I was so excited. :D. But too bad it was raining heavily when I arrived there haha

(Cosmopolitan, me, Cosmogirl, Elle and Jess) 

My mood was ruined by the rain.. oh how I dislike rain! :(

We walked around and sighted-seeing at Osaka Castle, but we didn't get near to it because the rain was getting crazy. Our tour leader decided to go back to the bus and head to the restaurant instead. 

Everyone was hungry and we went for a traditional Japanese dining! The lunch was super fancy and traditional. The Japanese course was presented really well and the food was super good, super clean too! I loveee it :)

My favorite is the Tofu and Sashimi! Oh, and the dessert too, a slice of Baumkuchen.

After lunch we moved to visit Glico's Umeda office for a short briefing about this tour. There are soooo many Pockys there! Omg, Pocky is one of my most favorite snacks from Japan.

The Pocky team gave us a Pucchin Purin and Glico's original Cafe Ole.

Pucchin Pudding is well known throughout Japan for its appealing taste, palate-pleasing texture, and unique flower-shaped container. It was soooo yummy and cute haha I bought a "Make-at-home" Pucchin Purin to home. The Cafe Ole was good and refreshing too!

So happy to find many cute friends there! nya! So cute! All the snacks really made me super hungry (again), haha I can't stand sweet things really... 

After a short briefing at the Office, it's time for fun! We went to Dotonbori area to enjoy the place around and see the big Glico sign there. Yes I went to this place too last year but I still feel so happy to be there again! 

And don't forget to take photo! This time isn't a mandatory Glico sign pose. Lol, the Glico pose expressed a happy feeling of winning and my pose is how I expressed my feeling that time too. HAHA ///

They gave us some free times to do whatever we wanted to do. I did some shopping at Matsu Kiyo to buy some cosmetics, lol. (snapped a photo of my haul on snapchat already)

We also dropped by to a Glico store in Dotonbori. It's like a gift store where you can find most Glico products there. I found many unique collaborations with some popular character like Doraemon, Hatsune Miku, Ojipan, etc. 

If you visit Dotonbori, make sure to visit this store. I'm pretty sure you won't leave this store without buying anything lol.

Mickey Mouse, Rilakkuma Edition! 

While waiting for our reservation for the dinner, Beti (from Glico Jp) brought us to visit a temple and I saw so many interesting cute little restaurants nearby the area. It was so interesting and lovely~ If you've followed my Snapchat (cominica) I think you've seen some already! :D

I threw my coins and prayed there, I hope my little wish will come true again. I'll try to make it happens! 0:D

- - -

And to end the day, we went to Kani-doraku, the most famous Crab restaurant in Dotonbori! I was planning to eat this crab too with my siblings last year but we canceled the plan because it's expensive!

That night I can eat Kani until I feel full hehe. The Kani's meat here tastes SOO DIFFERENT from all Kani meats I've ever ate. It's so fresh, soft, delicate and sweet. It doesn't smell fishy at all, I want it agaaiiinnnn TT___TT haha.

Now Kani's meat doesn't taste the same again... D: How to survive.. (/slapped)

What a pleasant and great dinner! After dinner, I walked back to the hotel for a rest with our tour guide, elle and jess. I feel so tired but happy at the same time. I think I had a lovely dream that night, lol. Can't wait for the next trip with My Pocky! :)

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