Friday, October 02, 2015

AFA CAFE 2015 (Anime Festival Asia)

1 year has passed, I still remember last year I've been told that Afa Cafe won't be here again. But in such short time, our manager asked if we're able to participate in this year Afa Cafe. I was like 'really?' lol. I wasn't in the mood to meet new people because there're many problems I faced these few months, so I asked my sister about this and later we decided to join, again.

I was afraid that my mood can affect my co-workers but yeah I tried to blend in and have fun with all of them. Glad I did it. In 3 days, they brought me smile and silly laugh, lol. It was very fun also to see some familiar faces. We only can meet once a year and every year always so memorable.

We have four new faces here, 2 Butlers and 2 Maids. They're very adorable and cute. 


The left one is Riiya, I already know her irl, we're not that close but I think she's really cute. She's the shortest and the skinniest among all maids I think, lol.

The right one is Mei, she's Kathy's sister. I think she's pretty and nice. She's also tall and I love the way she stares. haahahha

The left one is Mixi, the new Butler. He's cute and friendly, hahah he was like so excited and can't stop talking with all the customers, hahahah.

The right one is Kei, I knew him from my previous cafe job, he appears cool and manly but quite spoiled that's why he always call me Mommy, hahhaha. I don't want a son like you! tsk

The middle one is Nao, my puppy. I remember the first time I saw him, I told him that he looks like my chihuahua hahahha. Good luck for your final task ok! And don't think too much ;)a

It was a bit hard to maintain my moves in the cafe because I want to hug all my girls hahaha. Just look at them. <3 oh well, except Mayu, my sister, I don't want to hug her :v hahahahha.

There's Kathy, the petite girl with the neko hair band. Even though she's kinda awkward at first but she's a bit talkative if you already know her for sometimes.

And Yuu, the girl beside me, the natural beauty //⌓//.


Left: Yume, she seems so funny and comical but actually got very soft heart lol. She's always cute and lovely. No one can stop her and my sister, they probably can make duo stand up comedy HAHA.

Right: Momo, mochi cheek /// lol. Always so talkative and friendly to everyone, she's soo cute and funny like Yume. It's always fun to talk and go crazy with her. Next time let's talk again. *wink

With Takuya, my dear wolf . The always cool (but-not-that-cool) Butler lol. I'm not sure why he is my favourite Butler. I just find him attractive in his own way. And he's so kind. No matter what, you will always be my favourite . *cough*

Ok so I saw Instagram comments on my photo with him and thought I should put some shits in this photo cos there's nothing going on okayyy hahahahha. Well I admit there's something but I'm not going to tell youu. LOL no la joking only, girls please don't kill me OKAY? He is yours /throw him /runs

(my *pose sakit gigi* pfft)

The Popular Head Butler, Hiroshi ♡, he was my favorite Butler before I met Takuya hahahha (sorry Hiroshi ;w;). He's really really sweet and good looking. I think he's so charming, like every time he walks you can see many flowers flying around. LOL ≧▿≦

Btw, It's a bit sad to heard that this AFA is his last.

Ren, the poker face Butler, but now become Angry bird Butler lol jk! (look at his eyebrow la). He always so awkward but actually a nice & friendly guy. His face like so handsome, I still remember the first Afa id I took a photo with him hahaha. 

With the Popular and awesome Yutaki, he's really tall (like so tall!), pretty, humorous and cuteee hahah. I'll miss all his jokes lol. :')

With Jasmine, my love~! haha, she's really kind to all of us even though sometimes she's a bit scary hahahah especially if no one standing near her to take the order lol. please forgive us *puppy eyes

I miss all the other maids and butlers, but I believe we'll meet again someday ♡

There're a lot of things happen in four days, like too many informations and memories, good or bad, fun or suck. All of us were so tired and did our best in everything. I want to say thank you for all of you who came and support AFA ID and Afa Cafe. I'll see you again really soon! ¯◡¯)ノ


StormDragon said...

Kapan2 ketemu lagi ya ci, tapi di luar cafe yak haha, seru denger cerita ci comi soalnya hahaha

sheemasherry said...

You know what.... Once I stepped out from the cafe I regretted i didnt take pics with both you and mayu :') I really want to meet you girls again someday. If only you know, my reason to try attending the maid cafe was to see you two in real life (and I was happy!) ❤️❤️❤️

Anyway this's the first time I commented in your post. Maybe I just got some confidence to do so. Hahahaha XD

Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

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