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Canmake UV Silky Fit Foundation SPF 30 PA++

Hello ladies, Canmake has finally came to Indonesia! Canmake is a popular cosmetic brand from Japan and is existed since 30 years ago and have more than 5000 stores in Japan. This brand is popular from teenager to adult woman and even professional make up artist because of their concept "Cute, High Quality and Modest Prices".

I'm going to a holiday trip in two weeks and is planning in which base make up I should bring this time. It is summer and that means I'll be sweating a lot. I need some waterproof make ups with SPF to protect my skin from the Sun.

I choose to include this Foundation from Canmake in my traveling product this time. This Canmake UV Silky Fit Foundation has a light finish yet provides coverage for my skin. It protects my skin against UV rays.

This foundation has three shades to pick, I got mine in [01] the light ochre. This shade is for a complexion that looks one tone brighter than usual. For those with pale skin and those who want a bright finish.

1. Packaging:
It comes with a pretty pastel blue colour, the surface looks like a pearl's skin and shining beautifully. I love the elegant and plush pattern of the powder case.

2. Formula:
I notice that the formula is resistant to sweat and sebum so my make up stays fresh for a long time. The finish is smooth like a baby skin, but remember to not overly apply it on your skin.

I've tried this foundation few times before decided to bring this to my trip. I love how the powder has super light transparency for a natural finish but without the whiteness that often occurs when applying sun-block product. Well, I'm still trying to avoid any camera flash though lol

With SPF 30 and PA++ formula, I'm pretty sure that it blocks the sun's rays and prevent freckles caused by sunburn. This is really perfect for my summer holiday!

3. Ingredients: 
Pure white mica, hyper-lasting polymer and Plant derived squalene.

Pure white mica is a super white powder to prevents dullness resulting from sweat and sebum. And Squalene is a moisturizing agent to keep our skin moist and protect it from dryness. Hyper-lasting polymer makes the powder clings tightly to my skin, forming a long-lasting protective membrane that is strongly resistant to water & sweat.

I personally think this powder foundation suits people with oily skin better. I have a dry combination skin but in humid place it can be pretty oily on T zone. I usually apply my light loose/finishing powder with no color for a finishing touch for my make up. But with this powder foundation, I don't need to apply a finishing powder again.

What I love is that this foundation is easy and quick to use, you can use it as a foundation or as a powder. To use it as a foundation I usually wet the sponge with water then wring it out thoroughly before applying it on my skin. I don't need any finishing powder after this foundation because the result is silky and not shiny/sticky. It is great to cover any imperfections like pores, fine lines and uneven texture on my skin.

My sensitive skin feel no pressure at all because it contains no mineral oil or alcohol. I'm happy that it doesn't break out my skin!

I think this powder foundation suits woman who usually works in humid place and need something quick for her make up every morning. With this powder foundation you only need your skin care, sunscreen and a make up base. This silky foundation shorten the make up time for busy woman and great for a touch up too.

The shade [01] and [02] only have a slightly different tone between them. The [02] looks warmer and more yellowish while the [01] looks more beige to me. But when applied to my skin, the shade is just right and melt to my skin.

I think both shades suits Asian skin tone, for Indonesian people, I think shade [02] and [03] suit their skin tone better.

My only advice is always wash your sponge every night if you're going to apply this to your skin in the next morning. This to prevent bacteria and your make up will stay fresh all day too!

Ah, and something I forgot to tell, if you have a dry skin, you better avoid powder foundation because it can makes your fine lines or wrinkles looks more noticeable. If you still wish to try this foundation, I suggest you to spritz your final make up with mineral water/face spray like Evian or Avene and don't forget to reapply if you feel your make up start to crack!

For all my Indonesian readers, now you can dancing happily because Canmake is available in Jakarta! You can find them at:

1. Beauty Couture, Taman Anggrek Mall and Kelapa Gading Mall 3.
2. Aeon Mall
3. Central Department Store Grand Indonesia
4. Star Department Store at Summarecon Mall Bekasi
5. Some Guardian Drug Stores (Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Emporium Pluit, Plaza Senayan, Bintaro Exchange, Kelapa Gading, Taman Anggrek, Aeon Mall, Pondok Indah and Ciputra Mall).

Kindly support their facebook fanpage HERE and Instagram HERE. I have some Canmake products to review and share, please looking forward!~

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