Monday, May 18, 2015

The Venetian Macau Hotel

It was my second time visiting this majestic hotel in Macau. This hotel is like the replicas of the famous canals and architectural icons of Venice, Italy. With more modern and luxurious concept. I'm pretty sure most people fly to Macau because of this Hotel and of course the casino!

We stayed in the Bella Suite room, the room is spacious with elegant marble bathroom and a sunken living room area. The room itself is super clean and so comfortable, made us wanna stay there lazying around without doing anything, lol.

When I lay my body on this bed, I don't wanna get up. :)

After we dropped our luggage in the room, we went straight to the lobby because there was a sudden meeting about our dinner with the group. We decided to take a bath later.

We stopped at this Brazilian steak house named "Fogosamba", rest our feet and eat some foods. The foods were not that good lol. This trip was sponsored and we joined one group of tour so we must follow their lead first.

The foods were provided by the tour but we didn't like it, so after we tried some bites we left the group and looking for another foods at the food court for ourselves lol. We ate our favorite sushis, pizza and korean food there.

Make sure to bring extra cash because the foods are quite expensive here.

After eating, we went for shopping some clothes, sorry I didn't take any photos cos I forgot, lol all the clothes are so cute and they're on sale! They're all Japanese brands like Lizlisa, Nice claup, etc.

So many stores you can find here and one day isn't enough to explore all the corners! If you love Shopping you'll love this hotel. There're many Portuguese Egg Tarts here, it's a popular local food and you must try it for sure, it was so yummy and tasty!

We want to ride the Gondola but we were too late because of shopping, the Gondola was already close.. :(

my make up was so scary that day hahahah but I like

Despite of disappointment about the Gondola, we felt tired and back to our room, take a bath and prepare to sleep. See, Who doesn't want a bathroom like this?!!

Even the water is blue.. lol

I really love The Venetian hotel, everything about it so beautiful. No words can express my amazement to this hotel haha. You must visit Venetian hotel too someday, maybe with your loved ones. ;)

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